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Overeasy Revisited @ One Fullerton

Special thanks to Deborah, Chef Wei Kiat and Amos for hosting us!


I have been a regular patron of Overeasy for a number of years now, always counting on it for casual and affordable american fare. While my last visit may not have been vavavroom amazing, I thought they have upped their standards and presented a revamped menu too!


The table candies that got me slightly distracted.


They added a few more touches to make Overeasy look and feel more like an American Diner.




Our Super Thick Classic Shake ($12)

Uusally their milkshakes are alot taller and comes in spiked or friendly versions. Chocolate is usually a safe choice and this was nothing short of extraordinary - just the right richness and milkyness in a bottle. I should have just went for the cocktail version, a lethal one some say!


Overeasy Truffle Fries ($14)

I love truffle in my basket of fries, goes great with shakes, cocktails and even burgers methinks. Had I known the burger would come with a mountain of rosemary fries I would have thought twice about ordering this.


Crispy Whitebait with Citrus Aioli ($16)

Great with beers, these crispy things are terribly addictive.


One Pound of Spicy Buffalo Wings ($18)

This is another of their bar food options that comes in a few levels of spiciness - starting with a mild wimp to a death defying Crazy Mofo at Level 4. I took on the Spicy Wing Roulade that had a single Crazy Mofo drumlet hidden in the plate. Truth be told, it was easy to spot with the oddwing being lathered with enough spice rub - made with the world's first and second hottest chilli peppers. I say, the fieriness creeps up like a thief and numbs the senses moments later.


Ready yourself with milk shooters on the house as it douses the flames momentarily.


Santa Fe Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup ($12)
Homemade gumbo with fresh vegetables

This was the kind of broth that makes the tum happy, a very comforting combination of spicy chicken, pasta and crispy tortilla.


Farmer Chopped Salad with Apple, Blue Cheese and Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette ($16)


Mac and Cheeks ($24)
Braised beef cheeks, gruyere and parmesan


Spicy Linguine with Prawns, Chilli and Garlic ($22)

Stakes have been upped this visit, nailing the al denteness of the pasta, the mouthwatering kind of spicy and best of all, the fragrant chopped garlic that made the world of difference. 


The Truffle ($28)
Swiss cheese, Sauteed Onions, Mushrooms, Truffle Mayo

They upped the stakes for a novel burgernality quiz and recommended burgers based on it. I drew on a Truffle Burger. Made with wagyu beef and fats, this medium done burger had a reasonable about of juiciness and serving it with mushrooms was a wise move - to make up for any lost juiciness in all that grilling.


While brioche bread may sing a merry tune for some, I thought it was too fluffy for a burger. Otherwise, just lap up the homemade truffle butter with much gusto and dig into this sophisticated number over a milkshake or two.


Bourbon Donut Holes with Homemade Fudge ($12)

Dense fried balls dusted with icing sugar and the joy comes when it is dunked in hot chocolate.


Waffles, Mixed Berries and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Strawberry and Chocolate Sauce ($12)

Anytime is a good time for brunch, pancakes and waffles included. This cheery one was befitting for a happy weekday evening with all the happy ingredients like icecream, strawberries and chocolate loaded on top.


Breakfast In Bed ($18)
Redemption High Rye Bourbon, Advocaat. Grade A Maple Syrup, Lemon Juice and Waffle Biscuit

I consider this spiked juice with the alcohol hitting hard only after gulping it down like juice. Serving it with waffle was also a sweet touch.


Mama's Special Lemonade ($16)
Vodka, Apricot Brandy, Homemade Lemonade

The tale of this concoction goes back to the days of Momma in an old county drinking from a mug with contents that looks just like lemonade but unknownst to the children of course is her drink is obviously a more lethal concoction that their sodas.

Sweet and mild, this would be a drink for a sunshine lady.


Kyoho Grape Sour ($16)
Nigori sake, Suntory Kyoho Grape Liquer, Fresh Lemon Juice

I say this is the poor man's equivalent of kyoho grape. Less sweet than the rest, but you get a taste of Japan - the suburbs, laidback and subdued.


Strawberry Fields Mojito ($18)
Original Dark Rum, Fresh Strawberries, Mint, Basil

For the mint lover, mojitos are usually too grassy for me and this was actually more palatable.


Cherry Coke Classico ($16)
Cana Brava Rum, Amaretto di Saschira, Licor 43, Mexican Coca Cola

Cleverly bottled, these cherry tasting colas are a tease to have. Where is the cherry when there is none added? Chemical reactions, methinks.


Sexy buns and more I would say of this revamped Overeasy. Easy to love and go overboard with the ordering - just do not forget to have a good time too.

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