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NUVO Revisited @ Marina Square

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As part of American Express' 30licious deals, there are a number of dining establishments with a $30++ menu either for lunch, dinner or selected dishes. The promotion has since ended on 2 December. I was piqued by NUVO's menu since it was impressive the last time round.


Toasty tomato foccacia bread served with piped herb butter, it was as good as I remember it to be. I love freshly baked bread and it just shows how serious the kitchen takes such details - outsourced bread is major no-no.


Vanilla mushroom soup

Vanilla or not, I love my mushroom soups. What more with a perfectly cooked poached egg to cream things up.


Osso Bucco

Loved the crispiness, this would have made a really good tempura and double portions would have made me really happy.


Angel hair wakame

Served chilled, the al dente pasta tossed in lobster oil was a hearty kind of delicious. The crushed nuts gave it a lovely texture.


Kurobuta pork belly

The sliver of pork belly was ridiculously small, enough for one big mouthful and that was it.


Japanese kinako delight

Mochi and red bean always works wonders for me - it helps that the mochi is extra chewy too!


Fuji apple and parimigiano - reggiano torta 

Simply put an apple cheesecake. The tartness of the cheesecake was a tad mismatched with the apples.

For $30++, I suppose there is little left to complain about. A number of hits actually and I am dying to be back for the full mains portions of the angel hair pasta!

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