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Crateful @ Yong Siak Road

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I love pop-up stores, stemming from the very fact I love markets. The possibilities of innovative products being found is alot higher than the mainstream supermarts and it is a great platform for budding entrepreneurs to start somewhere. Crateful is one such pop up that is a modern day urban grocer, sourcing from local producers to bring forth the freshest and tastiest produce to the community conveniently everyday.


I found several local producers that I have not heard of before - I suppose marriage does noobify people. There are various corners within Crateful and I spent a good amount of time pottering around and trying out samples.


I was tempted by a slab of Himalayan pink salt rock, apparently very theatrical with their viral videos of people frying eggs over a stove on the slab and the same magic was repeated with watermelon samples marinated on the slab - well, if only I had that kind of gatherings to show off these novel tricks.


Check them out for the hippiest beverages in town - cold pressed juices being one of them and also homemade sodas.


I feel christmasy just looking at these little packages.


Looking for a spicy affair? I had these at Pasarbella's Pop Up Store, Keith's Crackling Pork Booth and the level of spice was manageable for a local palette.


The granola section made me happy just browsing.


CROP granolas come in two different sizes, these regular and larger packs too.


Let the sampling begin!


Apron anyone?


Wall of fame of the local producers who have stocked at Crateful.

Here's a feature on the few that I purchased and/or sampled.


Edible and Co 

Just on granolas, there are 3 different brands for selection. Choice, is not exactly my best friend so I go with preferred flavours.


Spot my purchase!


There is a story behind the startup of each granola company and the guy over the counter was really nice to recount those tales. Edible and Co started out because her dad had a heart problem and she decided to eat clean and tadah, spread the love as well. I first purchased her Cranberry Almond Granolas ($14), less sweet than the rest and wholesome too. My jar of golden kiwi overnight oats went terrifically well with them.


Trust me to stock up on these granolas while Crateful is still around! Other delicious concoctions include cacao and roselle, coconut gula melaka and maple honey nut.



I was first sucked into this homemade nut butters from Second Helpings and then Justin's. Then came more nut butters suppliers. Find more vogue flavours like Sea Salt Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and Honey and Sea Salt Almond Butter available at Nuteree. I fell in love with their sea salt almond butter (so smooth and laced with just the right amount of salt and grittiness) and am finding an excuse to purchase that the next visit! Will be perfect with toasties or just eating off the jar!


Poppy and Co

Speculoos  butter has taken the country by storm, literally. Stocked at most hit places these days, I recall these sold at Fluff Bakery then came a whole lot more many stockists. I first had a speculoo in Amsterdam and loved the caramelised biscuit to death. The cookie was godsent with coffee, icecream and nearly everything else. Then they made a butter of it, indeed speculoos was present in every bite and definitely for the sweet toothed only. I cannot wait to start mixing milkshakes with these or topping my icecream pig outs with it too!

Order online at or drop by their really cute store at Yong Siak Road! A word of advice, pop over next door for some of our island's best cupcakes too, your trip to Tiong Bahru will not be in vain.

Note that this will only be around till before Chinese New Year next year, so make haste!

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