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Celebrate Christmas with Nespresso's Limited Edition Flavours!

Special thanks to the Nespresso team for spreading some love this festive season!


As part of their Variations 2014 collection, there is an irresistible range of dessert inspired Grand Cru Coffees. Exquisite pleasures not to be missed, indeed.


Hazelnut Dessert

The hazelnut aroma combined with the sweet caramel notes of Livanto Grand Cru to evoke homemade shortbread cookies for indulgence at its best.

Chocolate Mint

Fragrant roasted notes of Livanto Grand Cru. Add the delicious aromas of chocolate and the refreshing counterpart of mint for an outstanding tasting experience.

Apple Crumble

Baked apple flavours and biscuit notes highlights the roasted notes of Livanto Grand Cru to evoke a freshly made apple crumble. A traditional delight.

These flavours have been available since 13 November 2014 but for a limited time only! Each sleeve of 10 capsules retails at $12. 

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