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Whole&Hearty @ Icon Village

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Special thanks to Wesley for the invite and Christine for hosting me!


WholeAndHearty is the latest to hit town - and no, they do no serve cold pressed juices nor frozen yogurt but Singapore's first cereal and yogurt bar!


Their highlight offerings include fresh homemade yogurts made from a variety of heirloom cultures and base milks – Vegan Soy yoghurt, creamy Bulgarian yoghurt or the thinner, Scandinavian-style Viili yoghurt made with low-fat milk, as well as the natural-ferment, probiotic drinks Milk Kefir Water and Kefir Concentrate and that are best enjoyed chilled, topped with a dash of fruit juice or aromatic cold-brew coffee.


They also dabble in over the counter gelato purchase on top of their breakfast yogurt offerings too.


Also unique to Whole and Hearty is a bountiful open takeaway spread set atop a homely kitchen counter - akin to the breakfast buffets found in upmarket hotels. Customers simply pick their bowl size and are free to fill it up with as many items from the spread as they would like.


Christine the owner says, it looks exactly like her kitchen and counts men as her regulars for her homemade yogurts and overnight oats.


My DIY bowl of yogurt and cereal with a bit of everything. The homemade yogurt is not as tart as store bought ones, very runny and minimal sweetness. However, the addition of sweet cereals or dried fruit does make this less "healthy".


To sweeten up the day, there are also Fruit Jams, Organic Honey, Chocolate Nibs, Crushed Cookies, and – brand new to Singapore – Cereal Marshmallows!


Nut Butter fans!


Power Probiotic drinks that were sold out for the day - dang!


Homemade Lemon Grass and Mint drinks, a good detox methinks!

Word has it that business is brisk and lo and behold, there are men who partake of this healthy lifestyle too. I look forward to more of their offerings and let's all stay whole and hearty!

Whole and Hearty
Icon Village 

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