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Old Kim Guan Express @ Icon Village

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The new arm of Icon Village brings new surprises in the form of more dining establishments (yay) and more choices for the office crowd. Best of all, it is well ventilated which beats the hawker center inconvenience and heat hands down.


Queues drag on and really I blame the payment system and efficiencies of the staff at this outlet. Everything moves, slowly. If this is going back in time, not only for food but also service, I am already not a fan. 


Old Kim Guan Mee Sua ($4.20)

Dished out of a cauldron pot sized of a rice cooker, the lukewarm mee sua was sprinkled with dried pork and fried onions. No vinegar, nor any other form of seasoning - I threw in chilli padi to spruce things up, one sorry mee sua.


Dry Prawn Mee ($4.20)


The sauce blend for this resembles that of Pontian Wanton mee, with a dash of oil, ketchup and soya sauce - the noodles gets tossed in and served with a single lettuce leaf, shallots and 2 prawns. Am I impressed? Hardly because it was also a letdown in the taste test.

Nostalgia at a price that is barely worth it. I am not on the return even if vinegared pig trotters is on the menu.

Old Kim Guan Express
Icon Village New Wing

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  1. The barbecue chicken wing is the best. taste good but one cost $1.80. Last time barbecue on the spot but later become cooked then reheat. The chicken with black fungus taste horrible, very salty, that's all. The 'you wei'rice tast ok but little ingredient inside.

  2. OKG boss hope you will read this comment. Change the '' man. His attitude is bad. I ever buy chin chow drink from your stall and this lazy man unwilling to serve because I only buy the chin chow drink. Once he deliberately spill the water and claimed that that was the last bit. Once I bought two chicken wings and he asked me"enough for you?". Then one more time I want to buy spicy mince meat and he said "must wait for 15 mins". Oh I got reheat in microwave actually one minute will do? I told me just pack for me. For the ten over times I 'gaoguan'with this skinny fair '' man, he never ever thank me when he returns me the change!