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Mikuni Revisited @ Fairmont Singapore


Mikuni needs no further introduction from me and I keep revisiting it as if it were the only Japanese restaurant that I know. Apart from consistent good food, their seasonal menus are worth a try. This time, it's the Autumn season! I can expect alot of chestnuts in this menu - who does not love them sweet things?


As with every other meal at Mikuni, we start with ebi crackers and a dusting of chilli powder. Impeccably light


Hokkaido Sea Urchin with Sesame Tofu

The sea urchin was barely discernible in what I thought was just tofu. Beautiful to look at and eat but the flavours were not coming through that well.


Japanese Taro with Green Tea Salt

All things from Japan seem to taste extra delicious and having them in baby sized made these yams all the more precious. Green Tea Salt was the cherry on top of the icing, delicate flavours here. 


Seasonal Tokusen Sashimi

Tuna, Yellowtail, Kyusu White Shrimp

I would have expected tuna belly but that being said it was an incredibly fresh platter. 


Robata Style Kagoshima Wagyu Beef

I rave nonstop about Kagoshima beef, the uncteous succulence that gets each bite oozing with juices. It is such a memorable cut, every encounter is memorable. 


Hokkaido Scallop with Onion Sauce

Juicy and well seasoned, expect to slurp up the sauce most unglamourously but that is where the true essence lies.


Sillago Fish Tempura with Seasonal Chestnuts and Gingko Nuts, Soy Dip

The tempura selection was exquisitely plated and there was this sprig of toasted cottony buds that were crunchy and fluffy at the same time.


Osaka Style Bara Chirashi with Miso Soup


Gold flakes in the bara chirashi made this the most expensive looking rice bowl ever eaten. 


Chestnut Icecream with Japanese "Kyoho" Grapes

Kyoho grapes could very well be the inspiration of fruity fizzy drinks, the very precious one grape that I enjoyed to the very end. Chestnut icecream was also well executed, the richness of the chestnut well captured in this gritty dessert.

Autumn menu is going for $158++, worth every cent.


King Crab Fried Rice ($18)

I have raved this dish to death, my kind of a favourite fried rice that is not done by a Cantonese chef. The wok hei is tasted in every spoonful and best of all, the chunks of crabmeat that gets tossed in.


Mikuni Maki ($25)

They have tweaked the presentation of this slightly but it still tasted so divine. Gets my vote for favourite creative sushi of all time.

They have stopped serving their petit fours already, a big disappointment for me though. I thought it was a lovely touch to a meal's end.

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