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I Scream @ Bedok

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i scream

I Scream is an icecream brand that has won awards for its visual merchandising and away with the airy fairy bits, this actually stands out in the HDB block for looking too modern infact for the neighbourhood.


Hop onto the vespa into their world of icecream?

i scream

There is a billboard that flashes their icecream menu - I spotted some really interesting concepts.


Upon entering their shop, I get attracted to a riveting motion display of icecream flavours in a chiller. The best part of the chiller is flavours get rotated. Thumbs up already for visual effects and no wonder they won awards for that.

mix ins

The store is made to look more than just an icecream store, like a lifestyle store somewhat. The mix ins are purchased off the rack according to what you fancy and stored in packets like these above.


I opted for one of their signature creations - Soogle, a macaron icecream ($3.50) in short. Sandwiched between my pistachio macaron shells is a scoop of avocado icecream. The macaron shells were chewy and dense, the makings of a really great macaron but the icecream was a letdown. The avocadoes used were perhaps not fully ripe yet hence the rawness of taste in the icecream, I would have adored this to death if ripe ones were used, it could very well have been the icecream version of my favourite avocado milkshake.

There are other variants to check out, service is not half as bad as the rest say but I prefer to classify it as aloof, unbecoming of a neighbourhood icecream shop really. It works just like a high end shop, somewhat snooty and languid.

I Scream

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