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Gyoza King @ Tras Link

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Gyoza King, unlike the other brands under the same brand does not pedal ramen. Infact, none of it. The queues are not less forgiving even when it comes to gyoza and in the queue I was wondering how could the humble pot sticker get this much attention - we were a group of 4 and still had to be split into two separate groups. The lunch crowd barely ebbed from the initial burgeoning crowds.

The ordernig was simple, just like ramen. Pick your portion of rice, choice of soup, gyoza and 2 side dishes.

There was a choice of pork, chicken and prawn for the gyoza, and side dishes comprised of 8 different types.

Food got cooked in a nazi station style, each cook was in charge of a particular dish and it was dished out in military style.

DIY your own dipping sauce!

Whilst waiting, they have complimentary spiced bean sprouts for nibbling. I could have over nibbled on this delicious appetizer.

Pork Gyoza

These oily pot stickers were delicious, the pork stuffing was juicy even and I could create my very own version of dipping sauce. They had a recommended portioning though.  

Pork Sukiyaki with raw egg

I eyeballed my bland looking pork belly pieces that was served with a raw egg separately. The oral pleasure derived was really awesome, the raw egg gave the meat a creamier finish. 

Deep fried chicken with spicy sauce and mixed sesame

In all its juiciness, the grease was also tasted. Not a huge fan of this inflated oily dish.

I would return for the other dishes and the humble gyozas, I am not too hung up on the queueing time though.

Gyoza King
#01-15 Orchid Link Hotel
Tras Link

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