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Craftsmen Specialty Coffee @ Siglap V

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Is it me or there are few places in the East that do coffee and brunch on a public holiday that falls on a weekday - I count Dutch Colony Coffee, Group Therapy, Penny University, Percolate, Rabbit Carrot Gun and To-gather Cafe.




So then, Craftsmen Specialty Coffee came into radar in Siglap V. Crowded as it was even at 2pm for brunch - I wonder is it because people all rise and shine this late for brunch or great minds think alike. I suppose the nett prices play a part in the crowds.


Table tag. 


Iced Long Black ($6)

The caffeine addict was barely pleased with their coffee.


Craftsmen Supreme Breakfast ($18)

Visually not completely pleasing as it looked shoddily slapped on - a home cook's kind of plating with 2 types of bread, 2 kinds of cured meat and well the rest were just put together. I have had hearty breakfast plates before and this was below the cut for it.


 Chilli Crab Pie ($12.50)


Group Therapy served up a wholesome one and this was less on the stuffing though. I find it interesting that the pie versions of chilli crab usually ends up too sweet.


Churros ($10)

The wait for this in-house specialty was long, so long and I nearly gave up waiting for them. Cinnamon brown sugar dusted fried churros made this wait so worth while, the chewy sticks were delicately flavoured and with vanilla icecream, it was just the sugar rush I needed.

I find this a mediocre place for brunch, maybe the pastries and outsourced cakes will be a better take.

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee
2 First Street #01-01

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