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Amarone Ristorante @ Capital Tower

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I love checking dining places in CBD over the weekend because crowds are usually the least maddening as compared to most parts of the island and parking is easier to find. Plus, I need not jostle nor hurry through dinner because of the growing queues. Amarone Ristorante at Capital Tower was our choice for a Saturdate.


It was a really cosily decorated place.


A very forgettable frozen peas and carrot mayo salad on toast.


Bread fresh from the oven arrived with olive oil and balsamic vinegar but the butter was a huge letdown coming straight from the packets.


Mixed Salad with Italian Vinaigrette ($15)

We found great delight in their sicilian tomatoes used in the salad. Fresh, very sunny and best of all, tasted just like those we had in Italy.


Linguine with Lobster and Cherry Tomatoes ($42)


I was hesitating between Lobster or Sea Urchin for pasta and had the waiter decide for me with his recommendations. A spot on one with half the lobster served on top of the noodles, no surprises for plating. Noodles were on the soft side but the sauce was er-mah-gawd delicious. I cannot fault them for the uber fresh lobster and tasty gravy and by far, one of the more memorable lobster pastas.


Braised Veal Shank with Mixed Vegetables ($38)

The magic of this dish lies in the marrow, the veal was reasonably well cooked with a lot of flavours going on.

Amarone Ristorante dished up a pleasant experience and one very decent lobster pasta.

Amarone Ristorante
Capital Tower

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