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The Food Chapter Cooks with Perfect Italiano Cheeses!

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Special thanks to Churp Churp and the kind folks of Perfect Italiano!

Since moving out on my own, next to the walk in wardrobe, the kitchen has fast become my playground. Those who follow me on Instagram would realise how Wednesdays are kitchen experiment days and the dear Hubba becomes a laboratory rat of all my experimental successes and failures. 
Of the two idiot proof gadgets I have at home include a steam oven, slow cooker and last but not least the most ingenious air fryer. Brand names have been withheld mainly because it is a pitch of the device’s capability than the brand itself.  I salute the homecooks who work and still fight against the clock to put dinner on the table before 8pm, and to date I have only managed to do so once.
Perfect Italiano has a wide range of cheeses and today, I draw your attention to Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese - a delicious and unique blend of three cheeses – Mozzarella (for stretch), Cheddar (for a bold flavour) and Parmesan (for bite). It melts and stretches to perfection without getting oily, ensuring delicious, authentic pizza every time. It is ideal for pizzas, potatoes, and hot snacks.
I find this range godsent, many a time I end up buying all three for various purposes – mozzarella for pizza, cheddar for soup and parmesan for pasta so why not get one with all 3 for a more complex taste!


Hands up who does not adore cheese? The variations of dishes including cheese are countless. Hubba and I had a date night cook out and the theme was – who moved my cheese! Tacky somewhat but I sought inspiration from the recipe library that Perfect Italiano has so thoughtfully put together.
I shall share two tried and tested recipes that the Hubba has given the go-ahead on the following dishes – best of all, all achievable under 30 minutes too! If Jamie Oliver can do 15 minute meals, my noob cook ones with the guidance of Perfect Italiano can produce magic in 15 and we are in for some fun!


Stuffed Mushrooms
Recipe here


Very easy to make and truly, these are great appetizers to any meal. The usage of Portobello is quintessential for this dish, the juiciness of the earthy mushrooms, tomatoes, herbs and cheese was uber delicious!


In the oven!


DIY Pizza by TheFoodChapter
·         Bread slices
·         Olive Oil
·         Tomato Paste
·         Bacon
·         Diced Zucchini
·         Salt and Pepper to taste
·         Generous heaps of Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese


I modified the recipe from Martha Stewart and made minor tweaks for this to become a toasted pizza mains. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch even, tea and even dinner. I made mine on sliced bread to make it even easier to eat. The dish is a keeper for any occasion and best of all, simply done and so tasty! 

Perfect Italiano cheese is the simple solution to make your everyday meals effortlessly outstanding, exciting and enjoyable. Homemade meals do not need to be difficult, complex, time consuming or stressful. For more recipes, do check out Perfect Italiano’s website!

I look forward to more of such cookouts with Perfect Italiano cheeses – a definite to buy on my shopping list!

Follow me at @thefoodchapter for more of my food experiments and journey. Do remember to tag your own pizza creations with #perfectitalianosg hashtag on instagram!

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