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Jing Hua Restaurant @ Rochor Road

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Special thanks to Ada and Jael for the invite!


Founded in 1989 at Neil Road, Jing Hua celebrates 25 years of heritage as a nostalgic home-grown brand which serves original Jing Hua cuisine prepared from recipes passed on through two generations. 


Spot the commissioned art piece that incorporates significant characters from 1989 and their famous dumplings into a "movie".


They have now opened another outlet near Bugis to cater to more fans of their dumplings. For the longest time I have wanted to check Jing Hua at Neil Road out but the crowds usually put me off.


Table condiments include shredded ginger and vinegar.


Their sambal belachan is a spicy bomb too! 

Mixed Seafood and Pork Dumplings (Boiled) ($8, 10 pcs)

Famous for these pork dumplings with ingredients sourced from Chinatown's wet markets, the recipe for this has been refined through the years to suit local palettes and here I present their boiled pork dumplings. The skin is kneaded thin and very smooth, fillings fill the dumpling so tight and are perfect with a dash of vinegar. Well, it is no wonder these are their best sellers.

These popular dumplings are also available for takeaway and sold frozen too.

Mixed Seafood and Pork Dumplings (Panfried) ($8,10 pcs)

Unlike most gyozas, these are open at the sides but the amazing thing is, they are still juicy! Word has it that their Japanese clientele love this with beer and truly, I cannot agree more. Crispy and charred at the edges but the juiciness of these panfried dumplings is unfathomable. Plus, their bite sized portions makes eating this by plate such a breeze.


Chinese Pizza ($10)


Made with the different stuffings are their dumplings, these are flattened and fried like a curry pok. Regardless of their confusing exterior, the flavours of the fried pizza were extraordinary! Juicy and fragrant, I would very well trade pizzas for these!


Little Juicy Steamed Meat Dumplings ($7, 7 pcs)


Another signature, these juicy bulbs are to be handled with utmost care else risk spilling the soup before even consuming.


Noodle with Minced Pork and Soya Bean Paste ($5)

Also known as 醡醬麵, this saucy bowl is great comfort food for rainy days.


Hot and Sour Soup ($3)

This leans more on sour than hot, more spiciness can be the trick for a winning dish.


Spinach and Oyster Sauce ($8)

Indulge in some blanched greens!


Red Bean Paste Pancake ($10)


This is usually a crowd favourite and this crispy pancake laden with enough red bean paste to fill a pau pleases both the oral and visual senses.


Osmanthus Flavoured Glutinous Rice Balls ($3)

Osmanthus is light in this dessert, I love their handmade rice balls though. Skin is thin and smooth and the rice balls comes in a variety of fillings - peanut, black sesame and red bean. I love how each is a  surprise when I bite into them.

Business is brisk at this outlet and there is no surprise which dishes are most popular.

Jing Hua Restaurant
159 Rochor Road

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