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Grand Pavilion @ Esplanade


I'm not exactly sure when Grand Pavilion opened its doors at Esplanade but what I know is they have both the main dining area and a cafe to cater to different crowds.

It was a relatively quiet dinner with few tables occupied.


Appetizers worth a mention - I loved these XO beancurd bits!


Deep Fried Sesame Ball Egg Yolk ($5.40, 3 pcs)

Crispy fried sesame fritters with a generous dollop of savoury egg yolk filling, it was a gratifying dish for either a starter or dessert.


Crackers to nibble!


Whole Peking Duck ($58)

I love our local peking duck because it gets served both ways - one price, two dishes! I am usually not a fan of the egg wraps but they did it really nicely, crispy with a dollop of sweet sauce and sides of spring onions too.


We had them chopped up, succulent meat with a mild gameyness. Otherwise, really good with rice.


Coffee Pork Ribs ($31.80)

Sticky and sweet pork ribs infused with coffee, a finger licking good combination and it made it seem like a wedding dinner we were attending.


Eefu Noodle with Mushrooms ($28.80)

This was perhaps the few times that my eefu noodles came with crabmeat and mushrooms, and the generosity of the chef made this such a value for money noodle dish!


Braised Beancurd with Mushrooms ($22.80)


Eggyolk Prawns ($43.80)

I always cave in to these cholesterol rich lovelies, the salted egg yolk batter made this so delicious! Best eaten hot and whole.

Grand Pavilion
Theatres by the Bay
Esplanade Drive #02-25/27/29

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