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Toots Brasserie @ The Sultan

Special thanks to Vera for the invite and Jovi for your kind hospitality!

the sultan

Toots Brasserie replaces Pasha at The Sultan - not so new news anymore but it is a refreshing change being the only food establishment in the hotel.

Chef Patron Jason Wong heads the kitchen and he is a completely hands on chef, including marketing for the night's ingredients, marination and finally cooking it - props to him for such dedication really! His last stint was with Au Petit Salut and including a number of service staff were also from there - very polished service and best of all, they were warm, endearing and we were definitely getting top notch service for a mid ranged restaurant - props to the team!


Remnants from Pasha. 


Bread was served fresh off the oven, doughy and crusty goodness. It was so good, we had 4 baskets between us.

beetroot salad

Beetroot Salad 

A very light salad with a generous drizzle of olive oil and beetroot. 

frog legs

Pan seared frog legs served with homemade garlic butter sauce ($12.80)

My affinity with frog legs have not been the best, and most times, I rather not touch this chicken tasting dish. It tasted close to what I get in a hotplate from Geylang, more Asian than French though.

foie gras terrine

Homemade terrine of foie gras ($9.80)
infused with Umeshu, served on homemade brioche, petit salad with walnut dressing

I said upfront way before the dish was served that between terrine and foie gras seared, I prefer the latter. And this dish made me eat my words. Velvety rich, it was indulgence frozen in a slab.

duck confit

Crispy duck leg confit with potato gratin and cultivated vegetables ($16.80)

The skin of the duck leg was actually soggy at some part and I thought, bummer. I was however pleasantly surprised how moist and crispy it turned out to be. A job well done and the best part of it is, it is not overly salty!

beef bourginon

Braised  beef in red wine served with braised root vegetables and parsley potatoes ($22.50) 

Melt in the mouth beef tendency with a plethora of vegetables. Hearty good stuff.

creme brulee

Creme Brulee ($8.50) 

Torched beautifully, this french dessert was mostly cold underneath the lovely caramelised layer.

chocolate cake

Chocolate Lava Cake ($12)

molten lava

It could do with more lava but it was a chocolatey delight.

I had the privilege of wine pairing for majority of the dishes, all went well and beautifully brought out the essence of the dishes.


Giesen Savignon Blanc Savignon Blanc, 2012 ($15) 
Malborough, New Zealand

Fruity and light, a complete lady's favourite.

red wine

Clarendelle Blanc by Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon 2007($18)
Rhone, France

Smokey and dry, this was perfect with beef.


Brut Prosecco Doc Treviso

The equivalent of cheap champagne, I had a good time starring at the effervescence.


Very affordable french fare straight from the heart. I would return in a heartbeat to attempt the others on the menu.

Toots Brasserie
The Sultan Hotel

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  1. Mmm....the French food here is surprisingly affordable, considering its location in a hotel! Look forward to try it next time!:)

    1. yes it is! I'm looking forward to my revisit!