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Papparich Plus @ Plaza Singapura

Special thanks to Charmaine for the invite!


The well-loved all-day dining Malaysian street food chain PappaRich, is proud to introduce their new PappaRich Plus outlets at Plaza Singapura and OneKM in Tanjong Katong.

PappaRich Plus focuses more on communal dining dishes and they have a range of new dishes only available at these outlets. A self-professed foodie, founder Rich Tan based these new dishes on Malaysia’s colourfulculinary background. His dedication to authentic cuisine led him to travel to the different parts of the country sampling the best of local fare.


Pappa Hainan Steamed Bread with Butter and Kaya ($3.90)


I still adore their chewy steamed bread. Word has it that they are made in house and so is kaya made from scratch. This gives the usual toasts a run for their money.  


Sweet and Sour Chilli Crab Meat with Fried Rice ($11.90)

In response to our love for chilli crab, PappaRich's version involves a tangy chilli crab sauce with meat extracted from the juicy claws and served with fried rice. Lacking in wok hei but it makes up for the experimental flavours.  


Kampung Fried Rice ($10.90)

The gist of fried rice is putting together ingredients (usually leftovers) to form a hearty dish and in this one filled with wok hei, I find it generously laden with shredded chicken, ikan bilis, kang kong and a pretty sunside egg served on top. Many elements come to play for this delicious number that is wildly popular and sold at "Mamak" stalls in Malaysia, my personal favourite of the lot! 


Curry Fish Head ($34.90)

Using the head of a red snapper cooked in a curry concocted from 22 different spices (including kunyit, buah keras (candlenut) and biji halba (fenugreek seed)), the final product is but an incredibly fragrant and rich broth.  


Comes with a side of pappadum which was great for dipping. 


Curry Lamb ($9.90)

The recipe originates from Madras and was introduced to Malaysia by the influx of Indian immigrants during Colonial times with spices used for the curry base that include bunga cengkih.
This tasted more like a stew than curry to me. The lamb is from New Zealand and hardly has the gamey smell nor taste that usually plagues lamb dishes.  


Ayam Masak Merah ($12.90)
Juicy chicken thigh pieces slow-cooked in a tomato and chilli paste with red and green peppers

Thumbs up for this succulent dish, I could be fooled into thinking this was fried chicken.  


Sambal Aubergine ($9.90)

I love this dry stir fried vegetable, perfect with rice. 


Four Heavenly Kings in Sambal Belacan ($11.90)
Aubergine, okra, long beans and petai stir-fried in sambal and dried shrimp

Trust them to come up with such a name for a dish! Petai is an acquired ingredient but I loved the dish. The balance of spice and vegetables chosen were really good! 


Black Gold Coffee (Iced) ($5.50)
Ground Arabica beans cold brewed overnight

The coffee is cold-brewed contributing to its slight translucency, with the ground coffee powder soaked overnight in ice and as the ice slowly melts, it gradually draws out the coffee’s essence
With a mixture of Arabica beans use, the caffeine addict found this a hearty brew.


Soyabean Jelly Drink

I was in for a sinful treat when it was placed on the table - organic soya bean milk with jelly and gula melaka and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. Sweet and not a bad way to have both my beancurd and drink in one!


Head to Papparich Plus today for a walk down Malaysia's foodlanes without getting out of Singapore! I am gunning for a revisit with friends to take on the other delicacies.

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