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Epicurean Market @ MBS

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Into its second year and my first visit to Epicurean Market, it had to be the big names that became a draw for me.



Chef David Myers says he gets inspired from his travels and his upcoming restaurant at MBS will be "edgy, vibrant, dynamic" with a cocktail culture mashup from both sides of the Pacific.


Steak Tartare ($12)

I thought nothing of the raw beef served on toast, lacking in an oomph somewhat.


Prawns, Passionfruit, Salted Plum Creme Fraiche ($12)

Cold crystal prawns with a dressing that went well but that was really just it. Lacking in a punch fist moment once again.


Caramel-sweet Soy Popcorn ($5) was also available for sampling and takeaway!

Long Chim

By Chef David Thompson behind Nahm, they will be swinging open  their doors next year!


Northeastern Pork Sausage ($5)

Also known as lap cheong, these pork sausages were savoury and went awesomely well with the cabbage and herbs.


Kao Mok Gung ($12)
Prawns with tumeric rice

Portions were huge for the amount that we were shelling out at the other booths. Fragrant and fluffy tumeric rice with shallots and fried onions (skin included) tossed in to make it really rustic, we loved every bite of this flavourful number and enjoyed that precious fresh prawn to no end.


Nahm Yaa Gai ($10)
Kanom Jin Noodles with Chicken and Wild Ginger Sauce

It was mere rice noodles with a ladle of gravy and shredded chicken and a mountain of their thai herbs. While this could have tasted tons better in the restaurant proper, the distinct brilliance of Chef David Thompson was tasted in the lingering spiciness that whacked a lovely punch down the throat. It was the same spiciness that made us fall so in love with Nahm!


Banana Fritter with Caramelised Coconut ($5)

I had such an amazing start with the savouries, it was most natural to set the bar high for the sweets as well.The coconut made the banana fritter an odd ball, texturally it was chewy and dense.


Durian Icecream with Sesame Wafers ($5)

Trust the thais to nail this national delight to a T. The creaminess is an addiction on its own, and pretty much if all icecreams were this rich, I would never see icecream in the same manner again.

DB Bistro

Instead of presenting their famed foie gras burgers, they went the junk food way with hot dogs, oysters, charcuteries and even flamed suzettes.


US Hot Dog ($12)

Street food at its finest prices, a juicy grilled dog on a bun with relish. 12 buckeroos on a normal day would get me thinking twice but at a gourmet fair, not likely.


Oysters ($5 each)

Superbly fresh but too tiny for comfort.


They also had a range of cold cuts and wellingtons up for grabs. 


My experiences with Mozza have been largely memorable, infact, I deem their pizzas best in town.


Calamari Fritti ($10)

Soggy batter with chewy squids, I wish they executed better heat control for this supposedly amazing appetizer.


Salame Pizza ($14)

I am a fan of their meat lovers pizza and whilst this was a down to earth version, it was still tasty and really delicious.

Waku Ghin 

This was the booth that garnered the longest waiting time mainly because it was the priciest amongst the rest and under normal circumstances, going to Waku Ghin is definitely not a run of the mill decision. I still paid my dues and queued up for 30 minutes for these 2 morsel sized portions.


Marinated Botam Shrimp with Uni and Caviar ($25)

The original portions served in their set menus come in a beautiful sea urchin shell complete with the spikes. For this event, it is served in a portions the size of a sauce dish, the crystalised raw shrimp, uni and caviar were a merry marriage but it was not uber fresh to begin with. While it did not cause a brain haemorrhage in terms of a food coma, it was delightful.


Grilled Ohmi Beef with Wasabi ($20)


Remember the last time I raved so drooliciously about the beef cuts at SKIRT and daydreamily said I would return for their Omi cut? Here this was at a tenth the price and a tenth the bite as well. Seared over the grill to a delicate red, the tenderness is unrivalled and it did set the mind on wanting to try the full portion when the pay packet allows.




The rest of the exhibition area was divided.


Cheese sampling.


Sushi by Todai that was going for a steal - 9 pieces for $7.


Coffeebean launched a new tea concept.


The guys behind 28HKS were there with their customised drink packages.

I went to the event with one aim - to check out the celebrity booths and achieved that. While there were other exciting activities happening, I simply was not game for the Great Fiji Race or the interactive chef sessions. Maybe next year?


Until then!

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