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Don Antonio @ Jalan Klapa


Weilin from Group Therapy shared their favourite hang out with us and while they may have kept it under the wraps, I thought I needed to do this place some justice. Don Antonio is started out by two of GT's loyal fans, Germaine, the lady boss who doubles up as a server and her husband Chef Antonio who helms the kitchen as well. We shared tips on travels to Italy and I so wish I can book myself another Italian getaway pronto!

It was a late evening on a Saturday and it was averagely filled though I do expect this place to fill up as soon as the media hears wind of this place. A week later, we paid them yet another visit and word must have travelled far and wide for us to nab the last standing table for two.


Furniture is kept to a minimum, nothing fancy and perhaps that's how they prefer it to be, very casual and informal.


Ciao, the menu says.


A writeup of the Chef.We were privileged to have a word with Chef Antonio, a terribly down to earth guy who believes in the simplicity and earnestness of food from his hometown - a couple of hours from Naples.


Calamari Fritti ($19)
Fried calamari served with rocket

The last time I had calamari of such crisp and lightness was at Chabuton and this could rival that amazing dish. Chef was particularly generous with the dash of olive dressing too.


Rocket Salad ($12)

Once again very fresh and overladen with ingredients. 


Bianca ($24)
Black truffle cream, mozzarella, smoked bacon, basil

Carbonara in a pizza literally and for once it was not over cloying like a pasta dish would be. Bacon had to be the highlight amongst the ingredients on top. I had to hand it to the chef for mastering a lovely bread tendency too. No wonder a best seller, I concur too.

gambas zucchini

Gamberi and Zucchine ($24)
Prawns, fried green zucchine, yellow frisee, cream sauce, mozzarella, basil

Also another pizza with cream sauce, the winning edge of this dish goes to the impeccably light battered prawn fritters that could double up as an appetizer of its own. However, the combination of prawns, zucchine and frisee did not quite work the magical wonders I expected it to.


Linguine Nero Di Seppia ($28)
Seafood sauce with prawns, baby cuttlefish, baby octopus served with fresh cuttlefish ink

The pasta was coloured a bright black and was on the bland side though the sauce more than made up for it.


Porchetta Arrotolata ($36)
Roasted pork marinated with herbs, pistachio, garlic, wine served with mash potatoes, rocket, black truffle, sweet balasmic sauce

A 30 minute wait at least because of a big order before ours, I am not sure if this is the standard waiting time for this italian siobak. Incredibly crunchy with lovely textures but the flavours need a little extra work on.

We love that this place does not charge for service, just GST. Food is down to earth and reasonably authentic. Watch this space, they could become the next biggest thing in a long while.

Don Antonio
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  1. Thank you for your review and continuous support. We look forward to see you at Don Antonio Pizza Bar again soon. It was fun sharing our travel stories!


    1. Welcome back! Congrats to the sous chef once again...we can't wait to be back already!