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Tiger Beer Celebrates Singapore's 49th!

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Special thanks to the Tiger Beer team for the love!

Just one year shy before our nation celebrates a jubilant 50, Tiger Beer looks set to celebrate our 49th with a string of activities lined up. 


This is the first time Tiger Beer has shed its corporate colours and opted to fly our national colours on its livery. I'm loving the new look though a pity that this will not last for long! The limited edition red and white livery comes in packs of 10 330ml cans, retailing at a recommended price of $25.60 at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets.


49 Acts of Pride with Tiger Beer
Having reskinned its livery to a proud red and white, and celebrating the little quirks that make us so uniquely Singaporean, Tiger Beer hands it over to Singaporeans to unleash their pride for the nation instead of remaining closeted patriots.

Tiger will also be kick-starting a crowd-sourced movement to get Singaporeans to participate in 49 acts of pride over a period of seven days, from 1 to 7 August 2014 -- with highlights taking place on 1 August where Toni And Guy will be dyeing (hair) for the country, and on 7 August where Vagabond Ink will be tattooing Singaporeans' hearts on their sleeves. 

1 August 2014, Friday
5-9pm, TBB Tiong Bahru Bar (3 Seng Poh Rd, 168891)

Tiger Beer and HOT FM 91.3’s DJ Charmaine as well as Toni and Guy’s skilled team dyed passionate Singaporeans’ hair a rich red in a show of pride in the run up to National Day – with DJ Charmaine setting an example by stepping up to go first! 

7 August 2014, Thursday
5-9pm, TBB Tiong Bahru Bar (3 Seng Poh Rd, 168891)

Join Tiger Beer for a night of local love inspired artistry, as they set out for Singaporeans prepared to wear their hearts on their sleeves, literally. Armed with their tattoo guns, the crew from Vagabond Ink will be inking brave bodies with custom-designed local motifs. Whether you’d like to get tattooed or be part of the electric atmosphere, all are welcome!

Visit Tiger Beer's facebook page for more updates! A National Day bash awaits on 9 August!

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