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Texas Chicken introduces the all new Jalapeño TXtreme Chicken!

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Special thanks to Paxton and Ying Ying for the delivery!

Dig in to the signature Jalapeño TXtreme Chicken meal, comprising two pieces of Jalapeño TXtreme Chicken in the brand’s signature eight-piece cut that offers larger portions at greater value, handmade sweet and savoury Honey Butter Biscuits, a side of French fries, Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw or Onion Rings, and a drink.


Crunchy, spicy and juicy, they promised. And let's see how the taste test measured up to the promises. 


No choice of chicken parts, I was offered both the thigh and the breast for good comparison. I loved the flavour of this Jalapenos but it could do with a bit more spice. Hardly set the tongue on fire and it was most friendly of all spicy dishes. 


Juicy chicken only existed in my drumstick, the breast was expectedly dry. 


Mashed potatoes were on the bland side and honey butter biscuit, reminded me of scones. 

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This new flavour is available at all their outlets!

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