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Sakuraya Fish Market @ Parkway Parade

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Sakuraya Fish Market has been around for yonks and the queues always make it daunting to enter. Until one fine and dandy weekend that saw us first getting a takeaway then followed by a proper visit.


Unagi Avocado Maki ($13)

I loved this so much -  creamy avocado meets grilled eel. 

California Maki ($7)

This was less gratifying as compared to the avocado maki, rather ordinary.



I thought salmon was fresher than the tuna.

Even with lunch at 2pm saw me queueing for at least 10 minutes to get a table, and then almost forever for the food to arrive.

sashimi platter

Hamachi Yellowtail ($16.10)
Mekajiki Sword Fish ($14.90)

No visit is ever complete without sashimi. I thought the sword fish was a tad too cold when served, maybe more thawing is required. Nonetheless, both were really fresh cuts and I wish they served freshly grated wasabi to go with this!


Hotate Nigiri ($6)

Plump, fat and very sweet. I had my sushi dreams answered for the weekend and trust me, nothing is as gratifying as having your belly satisfied.

Miso Soup ($1.50)

Much ado about nothing with this instant soup.

chirashi don

Special Chirashi Don ($20)

Abit of everything in this bowl, though none of the specialties made it into this bowl save for the fish roe, and fresh big head prawn. The rice was coarse and unlike the pearl grains that most chirashi dons sport.


Wafu Salad ($3)

A huge let down with a plum dressing on a bed of shredded lettuce and tomato.

There are hits and misses and in this case, stick with the sashimi and sushi. Otherwise, their noodle dishes seem to be hugely popular as well.

Sakuraya Foods
Parkway Parade

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