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{Croute} @ Valley Point


{Croute} - A Loaf Affair, is a more laid back and casual alternative to its finer cousin, Hummerstons, at Robertson Walk which has since closed and given way to a Japanese Izakaya.


The resident cat gave me a good scare and turned out to be a stuffed toy only!


A wall of murals. 


The eatery is made up of a mish mesh of tables and chairs and even couches.


Tall tables with high chairs. 


Self service counter.


Coffee reminders.


Rows of freshly baked breads that get sold out first throughout the day.


Mocha ($5.80)


Cappucino ($5.50)


Apple Juice ($5)

Freshly squeezed juice for the best of the fruit in a glass, slurp!

Straits Chai ($4.50)


Spanish Pork Tortilla ($24)

It was considered a weekend special and the portion was huge - a single tortilla balancing the pile of ingredients on top, pulled pork, avocado, salsa, sour cream and chives. On the sweet side which could have snatched some satisfaction from this dish.

ham and cheese

Ham, Brie and Apple Panini ($11)

Toasty and very hearty with just ham and brie. I figure by now I should have headed straight for their breads.


Bolognese ($14)

Very homemade and not worth the while.


This crusty quiche was really good - butter crust with enough fillings to fill us up considerably. Plus, it was so tasty, thumbs up delicious. 

They do their breads really fine and I'd say stick with those rather than be adventurous. Service staff are warm and they made our Sunday begin on a cheery note. It did not take long before I returned for dinner and shame on me for not remembering they close at 9pm and we tried our luck at 830pm - kudos to the staff for taking the last order and staying beyond their closing time to clear up.

quad burger

Quad Burger ($27)
Truffle fries supplement ($2)

The great thing about eating with a beef machine is I get to try audacious dishes like having 4 beef patties and oat smoked cheddar slices stacked in a single burger. I found their beef patties bland and nothing near sensational, thankfully there were condiments for self-seasoning. Truffle fries were crisp and fried with garlic and cheese, on the oily side though.

philly steak

Philly Cheese and Steak ($16)
Beef slices, mushroom, yakiniku sauce, sauteed onions, mozzarella on sourdough

This, on the other hand, had me at first bite. I am already a fawning fan of their breads by this moment and this just made it all the better. Cheesy strands, tender beef slices and even with a sauce so sweet I was madly in love with this philly cheese and steak. Not forgetting the ton of mushrooms that made this finger and fork licking delicious.

Brunch and dinner completed, I still stick with my first verdict - they do breads much better. 

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