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Cafe Mosiac @ Carlton Hotel

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Cafe Mosiac at Carlton Hotel is back with its 1-for-1 buffet treats for a limited time only! International cuisine they offer with tantalising appetizers, mains and dessert courses.

Of the few times that I have dined with Cafe Mosiac, the range seemed a little limited this time round.


Roast beef on the wagon.


DIY rojak station!


Pizza buns baking under the light.


I always begin my feast with the aphrodisiacs, in this case, plump oysters with a dash of tabasco sauce and chilli. While salmon sashimi can always wait, I usually slurp up at least 3 of these shelled delights before prodding further.


The selection of sushi was adequate, until one round of aburi sushi that got me all excited. It was just one round of these prawn, mayo and cream sauce sushi and so delicious too!


There was a limited range of cooked dishes and my pick would be the spicy seafood dish that came with a flurry of scallops and squid.


Rubbery roast beef, I say give this a miss.


Remember to grill the ingredients before tossing if not risk a plate of lao-hong rojak like we did!


The single live station that got us all very excited - stir fried vegetables with mushrooms.


Fishball noodles were also available, ready made on the spot.


Being the cheese lover I am, I found some space to accomodate my favourite blue cheese and brie.


Grass Jelly and Longan proved to be a cooling dessert!


I found some joy in these pandan layered cakes, so much so I had numerous slices.


The red velvet on the other hand was too sweet and a tad dry.

I found the buffet very average and hardly memorable. The days where Durian Pengat was available or even their famous durian cake, the dessert range still made some sense. Otherwise, it is really the 1-for-1 that does.

Enjoy 1-for-1 Adult Buffet^
Dinner: Daily

Dinner Buffet, 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Sundays to Thursdays     $78++ per adult,  $39++ per child
Fridays to Saturdays        $88++ per adult, $44++ per child

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