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Emirates: SIN - ATHENS

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Arabic airlines have been touted to be in the same league as the Asian high flyers - to the likes of Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Then of course, there are a number to pick from, Emirates, Qatar and Ethihad. Having flown Qatar before, it was a choice between Ethihad and Emirates which we then picked the latter for a better bang of the buck.

Singapore - Dubai - Athens, was the assumed route until the day itself when we set foot on our trip. Turned out, there was a hidden stopover at Colombo, making the trip last a total of 18 hours including 2 stopovers. Being terribly sleep deprived, I remember not watching a single minute of their famous I.C.E. Entertainment at all and trying to catch as many winks as I could between the stopovers and meals.

cute stickers

Having a flight past midnight means we get a supper cap.

I'm not sure if the country where they get refuelled and re-supplied matters to the taste of food but the breakfast eaten after they took off from Colombo was scary. We were served a light meal first, left to catch some winks before being awakened for breakfast.


The hubba decided to go for a protein meal which was a smart move since it also meant he got a special meal ahead of the rest of the meals.

protein meal


Bread that was crispy and was almost like fish maw.


Fruits in mid air always taste blander than usual. 


Marinated prawns with potato salad
on a bed of mixed leaves, garnished with lemon wedge

This reminds me of cold poached prawns from IKEA.


Sri Lankan lamb varuval
traditional spicy dish served with saffron rice and vegetable aloo mutter

I love my curries and this was really tasty for airline food. 


Sicilian cheesecake

I always look forward to dessert and was pretty happy to find cheese cake on the menu. Light and moist.


Cheese and crackers

The Khong Guan crackers amused me, but it was great with cheese. 



I am surprised to find good chocolate even beyond Swiss Air - milky delights. I only wish they gave out more though!

Breakfast seemed to arrive shortly - I tend to lose track of the hours on a flight and eating breakfast at 4am seems like the most natural time to do because the flight attendants served it so.

Fresh seasonal fruit


Mushroom omelette
served with hash brown potatoes and baked beans with tomato

Rubbery omelettes that attempted to look as dead as I did on such a long flight.

sri lankan breakfast

Red and white kiribath
traditional Sri Lankan breakfast favourite made with milk, rice, accompanied by fish curry and seeni sambal

The only good thing of having a stopover in Colombo means getting to try the country's cuisine without even stepping foot. I'm not sure if I am a fan of this though - while the curry was watery yet tasty, the rice was like kueh. Really strange. The fish was also odd, almost mushy.

almond cake

Breakfast cake

Almond pound cake was really delicious, in an almost too good to be true state.

The stopover on Dubai was a good 4 whole hours and it did give us enough time to eat another breakfast over Shake Shack that I shall dedicate an entire entire entry to.


We began with cracker and water, a nice savoury start.

airline food


Couscous salad
served on a bed of lettuce, accompanied by smoked salmon and cherry tomato

I thiought this was an exotic breakfast, nothing to scream about.


Mutton rosemary
tender mutton cubes cooked in lamb rosemary sauce, served with garlic fried rice, seasoned baby carrots and baby greens

Mutton was a tad tough but otherwise flavourful.


Fat spread is a substitute for butter that made me wary of even trying it. 


Too cute the cutlery!

Barbeque beef
beef served with barbeque sauce, mexican sweet corn rice, seasoned green beans and broccoli


Raspberry chocolate cake
Rich chocolate cake served with creamy anglaise sauce, enhanced with chocolate crumbs

I totally did not get this dessert, neither here nor there methinks.It was mousse-like for most part of the cake and the chocolate crumbs were limited to the base.

cheese and crackers

Cheese and biscuits

This always gets me thrilled, khong guan biscuits with a chunk of cheese - loves.


Mini handy cans of soda, I lost count of the number of cans I had. 

By the time we finally hit athens, I looked run over by a truck quite nearly and very hyper. Sleep deprivation makes me a mad hatter.

The service was not top notch, neither was the food as award winning as they claimed so then Emirates - checked!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Hi! What's a protein meal? It doesn't seem to be on Emirates' list of special meals...

    1. @anon: hi there, it was available when we made the request online...maybe they took it off? Turned out to be a no oil, low fat chicken meal...I honestly would not recommend trying that since it was mostly bland.