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One Fresh Cup - First of its kind mobile drip coffee!

Special thanks to Coleen for the delivery!


Living in this day and age means instant gratification almost rules. Cues: Instant noodles, premix coffee powder and the glorious whatsapp. While the gourmet coffee drinkers fawn over the ultimate coffee brewing experience, waiting over the counter and waiting for the perfect brew to be made, impatient people like me rather get all that sorted out in my pjs, messy hair and paper in hand. All in the comfort of my home and at the inconvenience of myself but that is a separate story altogether. 

One Fresh Cup is the first of its kind mobile drip coffee brand and they look set to pamper spoilt consumers like myself and of course, help out noob barristas like me who want to surprise her husband with more than just an instant 3-in-1. 


Selecting only the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from around the world, each serving of One Fresh Cup contains 100% fresh ground coffee, roasted to its specific standards.


One Fresh Cup features a range of six mobile drip coffee flavours, as follows:
·         Sumatra Roast
·         French Roast
·         Gourmet Dark Roast
·         Golden Mocha
·         Guatemala Antigua
·         Decaffeinated 

I had the pleasure to review just 2: Gourmet Dark Roast and Guatemala Antigua.


The first ‘mobile’ drip coffee brewer in Southeast Asia, One Fresh Cup features a cleverly engineered filter brewer system that attaches, sets, and brews directly into your favourite coffee mug.


Its “filter brewer concept” uses a Japanese patented technology that employs ultrasonic waves and welding to bind the filter paper, making them completely different from others in the industry. The wide opening of the filter brewer allows for maximum ‘breathing and tumbling room’, which extracts the finest coffee aroma.


Yes, the noob cooka and barrista brewed a fresh cup of gourmet drip coffee in just minutes, anytime, anywhere, without any messy clean-ups and bulky machines! 

I'm sure the hubby was fooled for a moment at this kitchen surprise. 

This smelt like roasted chestnuts with a light bitter aftertate and hinted of liquorice. Great with a rich butter cake - now, I should get myself acquainted with Betty Crocker's.


Gourmet Dark Roast


Uncannily similar to the Guatamale Antigua.


The other variants which comprised of instant beverages like hot chocolate.


So rich, this would send children on a sugar high and possibly bouncing off walls with the sugar content but I do consider this perfect with dark bitter chocolate.


For the latte fans, there is an Old San Francisco Caffee Latte "Unsweetened".


Very milky and light, the only grouse is latte art is truly not meant for noobs.

A box of 50 servings (S$60) can be purchased directly from its website:, free shipping is provided.  

One Fresh Cup

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