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Hippopotamus Revisited @ Marina Square

Special thanks to Cheryl for the invite!

Hippopotamus unveils its newly revamped menu with premium beef cuts and infused flair of authentic French elements. 


I remember them serving a decent toasty bread loaf with salted butter - well I suppose the good things remain.  

french onion soup

French Onion Soup ($7.90)

Cheese toast had me at hello, whilst the rest of the soup was a savoury one.

prawn tartare

Tomato Tartare with Guacamole ($11.90)
Diced tomatoes, coriander, onions, olive oil and lime served with delicate guacamole and fresh tiger prawns

Prawns were fresh and the rest of the tomato tartare and guacamole were actually quite refreshing.

red wine eggs

Poached Egg in Red Wine ($6.50)

This was considered comfort food in France and I beg to differ on the basis the poached egg was overcooked which was a major letdown for this. 


Wagyu Flank 200g ($32.90)
Known for its unique qualities of marbling, tenderness and delicate flavour

wagyu flank

The doneness was right and cut of meat was tender yet not quite the wagyu that they plug. I thought it was lacking in the succulence of a wagyu. 


Bone-In Sirloin 300g ($35.90)
Big, thick and meaty

t bone

In comparison, this big-boned one was alot more satisfying with more succulence and beefy taste. Sauces available include barbecue, shallots,. pepper, mushroom, sambal and bearnaise. We tried both bearnaise and shallots which were tasty sauces. 

Since each main came with a choice of two sides, we had these

steamed veggies

Steamed Vegetables

potato gratin

Potato Gratin


Sauteed Mushroom

potato fries

French Fries

french toast

French Toast Nutella ($7.50)

Sweet finishes always make me happy and I was surprised that this combination worked quite well - a good alternative to pancakes and waffles.


Strawberry Cheesecake ($8.90) 

A pretty substantial cheesecake though the biscuit base was a tad dry and chunky to spoon out of the cup it was served in. Light and not cloying! 

Hippopotamus is a venue to consider for affordable french fare and I am pleasantly surprised how they have improved through the years.

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