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Roast @ Bangkok


The brunch scene in Bangkok has been touted as “up and happening” by friends and I finally step foot onto Roast after numerous failed attempts. It is by no means a “stone’s throw away” from Thong Lor Station, I would recommend heading there in the evening though, it is a really happening district and I just wish I had more time to check Apothecreke out!

Seen at Space is a collection of bars and eateries, pretty much like Chijmes. Be prepared for a friendly 15 minute wait without reservations.


Roast is a coffee-brunch-western food joint with mismatched décor. The only table available was a low table and sofa chairs, not the most comfy option but hunger, is not to be trifled with.


Newspaper menu.


I found some interest in the ceiling decor.


Bread and butter.


Cobb Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad and Avocado in a bowl of greens, hearty fare.


Crab cakes were hardly like crab cakes, more potato cakes in my opinion. Forgettable.


Mushroom soup with a garlicky toast - I would prefer it with a bit more starch.


Fish and mussels put together only brings one fishy test to the table - It was passable with a really robust gravy which was a pity. It had the makings of a really outstanding dish.



burger innards

I am always compelled to order a burger when I see it on the menu and this time was no different. I love the grilled cheese spilling over, I also love the tooth pick piercing through a moutainuos burger but it did not work oral wonders for me. Pretty much a “is that all?”

A mediocre joint that has too much hype. Maybe they fare better that all day brunch but the interest was not piqued for another visit.

2/F, Seenspace, Thong Lor Soi 13, Bangkok, Thailand 

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