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Nordsee @ Zurich Main Train Station

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Zurich Main Train Station, like most European Main Train Stations are food hubs. The food choices are so plentiful, we had a hard time deciding what to eat.

Modelled like IKEA, take a tray and pick what you fancy and pay at the checkout. Toilet tokens are also issued at the cashier - smart way to control the toilet patronage.

Rauchlachs Wrap (7.8 CHF)

I thought this was smoked salmon and ended up being just salmon. A decent wrap but could be better with smoked salmon.

Pangasius (18.90 CHF)

This was overfried but there was no chance to reject. A really decent batter.

Nordsee Baguette (5.9 CHF)

This proved to be a delicious choice without a trace of fishyness.

Fish Burger (6.9 CHF)

Giving the fastfood joints a run for their money with a way cheaper option. Burger King just doors away could chalk up a bill of at least 15 CHF for a meal.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich at last, not too bad!

We could not get enough of their comparatively more affordable fare, we returned for seconds. This was a seafood set with prawns and fish and precious rice.

Sticking to their fried fish is always a wise choice.

Fresh and crumbly fillets made eating so many meals of fish worth while.

Nordsee was always packed, no matter what time we walked by - definitely worth the while!

Zurich Main Station

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