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Mariko's @ Jiak Chuan Road


The first Japanese friend that I made was called Mariko. With no relation to this post actually, until I found out that the restaurant was christianed after a prostitute - Mariko.


There are traces throughout the restaurant that hints of the historic past with photos of prostitutes plastered all over the dining area.


While everyone else was there for the happy hour or just drinks, we were there for food.

happy hour

Tempting happy hour offers. 

teriyaki chicken burger

Teriyaki Chicken Burger ($22)
Wasabi fries

Truth be told, it was because the wasabi fries were sold separately at $8 that piqued the interest for this dish. Nothing bigger than my palm, the burger was at first glance small and packed with lukewarm teriyaki chicken slices. I found greater pleasure in the crunch that the purple cabbage relish provided for the burger.

wasabi mayo

Fries, and what wasabi? The waiter was first confused there was such a condiment and then returned with a chilled curd-like dipping sauce. Even then, no wasabi in sight nor taste.

miso cod

Miso Cod ($26)
Snow peas, asparagus

The portions were laughable - tiny as can be and less than a fistful. Slices of cod on vegetable strips - the horrifying bit had to be this was mush in texture. We highlighted to the kitchen but all it took was almost forever before they allowed us to exchange another item on the menu. 

pork cutlet

Breaded Pork Cutlet ($20)
Japanese curry dipping sauce

Okay, this was mountains and valleys way better than the cod.  Surprisingly very palatable and decent.

Their food is outsourced from Bartini, which we found out later - Mariko is just a place a drink. If we knew any earlier, perhaps heading to Bartini would have been a wiser choice. 

4 Jiak Chuan Road

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