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Hanare @ Tanjong Pagar

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Hanare, a casual eatery by Teppei has opened at Tanjong Pagar. With just two choices on the menu, it aims to alleviate the lunch crowd at Teppei and for those with just one purpose over lunch – eat. I was surprised it is hardly as crowded as expected, maybe word has not gotten out yet or the crowds still remain faithful to the flagship.


Very limited menu options. 


The main buffet spread.

buffet spread

More of it - a very haphazard presentation somewhat. 


Bara Chirashi ($17.90)

bara chirashi

A wholesome colourful bowl of sea gems – salmon, tuna, yellowtail and a crunchy conch-like shellfish on a bed of warm rice and freshly grated wasabi. I hardly fall so in love with chirashi dons and I did, this time. The textures were amazing and at this price, is a major steal.

chirashi sides

The freeflow of 4 side dishes were limited to a corner, away from the main buffet – a very homemade selection of preserved vegetable, edamame, stewed daikon and chicken and salad with dressing.

pumpkin miso

I’ll specially mention the miso soup that is made with pumpkin – a more neutralized flavor than the usual saltiness.


Buffet ($19.90)

The buffet came with a single portion of mains and freeflow of those at the buffet table.

hamburg steak

That day’s special was Japanese hamburg, a microwaved plate that was almost scorching to touch and the gravy starchy. The buffet selection was a decent selection of meats, rice and salad.

ham cheese spring roll

Ham and Cheese spring roll

This was a different kind of spring roll but nothing too special - tastes better dunked in curry. 

Chicken Kariage

Impressed by the light and almost none existent batter, this fried number is hardly soaking in oil.

chicken cutlet

Pork Katsu

Another beautifully fried item.


Steamed siewmai and dumpling

These were kept separately in a steamer and I deem them too pasty to even consider a second bite.


Teppei’s Curry

Laced with spices that made this somewhat Indian, but then again the curries we had in Sapporo tasted like Indian curries too.


Store bought udon, very plasticky. 

An affordable buffet with decent fare at just $19.90, no surcharges. For the real Teppei experience head down to the main restaurant otherwise, Hanare does fine.

99B Tanjong Pagar Road

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  1. I really like the Bara Chirashi. The buffet spread does not look very appertising so I went for the bara set instead.

    1. me too! I just had to try the buffet to just for the kick of it. :P