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328 Laksa @ East Coast Road

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On a whim, we decided to have laksa after a morning spent burning calories. 328 Laksa it was then – I overlooked its air conditioned arm till I headed there that day – thank god for aircon sometimes, takes the heat away from eating a hot number called laksa.The walls were adorned with enough celebrity accolades - spend some time recognizing who's who!

Either order at the stall and get a well deserving heat treatment just standing at the stall or take the easy way out by getting the uncle to take orders but the waiting time may be longer as he doubles up as a cleaner too.


Rojak ($4) since 1975, this was a tad saucy and ended up soggy by the end of the meal.


Our piping hot bowls of laksa arrived shortly after – any wait for this sinful one is definitely worth it.


Oh yes, pile on the homemade chilli to the laksa to perfect the taste. The gravy was laden with enough dried shrimp to make the soup so robust and full of flavor.


I requested for no hums but they arrived tanning in the bowl anyway – succulent fresh prawns were used instead of the usual crystal ones. I love how the laksa noodles are cut to make slurping it so easy – and fair enough, it was one of the only times I ate noodles with a spoon!


Freshly grilled otahs made this more gratifying.


Unveil the banana leaves to be welcomed by a waft of smokey fragrance, followed by meaty bites of otah paste - sedap indeed. 

herbal drinks

Luohan Longan Drink ($2)

I usually opt for this thirst quenching drink, tastes just like what my mom would brew!

328 Laksa
53 E Coast Rd

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