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Roosevelt's @ Teo Hong Road

Roosevelt’s is a newly opened brunch place at Outram and is well located right at the entrance of Exit H of NEL line. Located so near Dorsett Residences also gives residents more options. I doubt this has anything to do with President Roosevelt - but American all day brunch perhaps?

Room for dessert? We strangely ended up without any.

Orange vespa!

Truffle Fries ($10)

This could do better with more truffle oil – it was otherwise just oily fries with a dash of truffle oil.

Jalapeño Bacon Mac N Cheese ($11)

Loved this cheesy number spiced with jalapenos and while I wish it were spicier this was a rather decent take on macaroni and cheese that usually comes across as an overload.

Buttermilk Pancakes with Wild Berries ($12)

The miky taste made this fluffy number easy to love but it had a hotcakes texture that was a miss for me.

Southern Fried Chicken ($18)

Fried chicken with a crumbed layer that was on the oily side. I found the chicken tender and juicy and it was paired with a side that reminded of a curried pumpkin potato mixture.

Smoked Ham Candied Bacon Sandwich ($12)

Otherwise known as an expensive bak kwa sandwich, the candied bacons were a tad too sweet.

Eggs Roosevelt ($17)

Simply poached eggs with potatoes and chorizo sausages. Despite being signature and a bestseller, I thought this was on the ordinary side.

Orange Juice ($6)

They pride themselves for their freshly squeezed juices but I thought they could do with sweeter fruits – this ended up too tart on the tastebuds.

Celery Carrot Orange ($6)

This had too much carrot in it.

Coffee addict enjoyed her latte, I suppose it was good. 

Service is attentive, mainly because it is a new joint and the people try really hard to please – a pluspoint for today’s service industry. Their pricing for appetizers seem to be on the high side given the mains in the same region as well.

A timely reminder - wine is always good.

Dorsett Residences

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