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Dal Mas Patisserie @ Venice

We chanced upon this century old patisserie en route to St Mark's square and we could not resist grabbing a bite or two.

The treats that greeted us inside.

I wish I could just have one of each.

100 grams worth.

Crumbly biscuits with a coat of chocolate - anything with chocolate tastes good through all seasons.

Yes and that decadent chocolate filling that makes eating one dirty business. 

The lamps that made Venice too dreamy, despite the fog.

And more of these...quite a joy to walk the streets with a confectionery in hand and coffee on the other - I call this the Venice thrill.

The masks that fill the streets, head to the stores proper for the authentic.

Gondolas for hire.

Dal Mas Patisserie
Rio Terà Lista de Spagna, 150, 30121 Cannaregio, Venezia

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