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Candlenut @ Dorsett Residences

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Candlenut reopens at Dorsett Residences still offering Peranakan cuisine with a  twist. 

Roomy interior. 

A really cosy corner just outside the restrooms!

Too cute. 

A Singlish dictionary anyone?

Spice education. 


Every order of their dish gets you a freeflow of their fragrant Thai Hom Mali rice that was slightly chewy to taste.

Omelette Chincalok ($12)
Folded with fresh local herbs, prawns and wok fried mushrooms

Chincalok was missing from this though it was a very wholesome omelette.

Itek Tim ($6)
Local duck, salted mustard cabbage, tomato

Otherwise known as sour vegetable duck soup, the flavours were well balanced with a tinge of sour, one appetite whetting treat!

Sambal stir-fry w dried shrimp ($10)
Kang Kong

It is tough eating through a peranakan meal not ordering sambal kangkong. Not as spicy as desired but it was still delicious.

Sayur Lodeh ($14)
Cabbage, carrots, beancurd, tempeh, prawns in curry shellfish broth

One creamy vegetable dish that would go so perfectly with coconut rice, the curry shellfish broth made rice taste so good.

Buah Keluak Chicken ($16)

There was a wagyu beef option but it would be a waste of such a good cut of beef.  Chicken it was then for this robust tasting pasty dish. I love my buah keluak rich and pasty yet this was on the watery side, perhaps an attempt to make this a friendlier dishes for the modern palette.

Dry aromatic coconut curry w kaffir lime leaves and roasted coconut
Beef Gold Shin ($18)

It will be a waste not to give this aromatic dish a try, perfumed with herbs and cooked till tender. The amount of spice was just right as well.

Lor Bak ($16)
Pan seared & slow braised pork belly, lemongrass & blue ginger soy sauce

A very tasty dish with a more oriental touch than peranakan but nobody’s complaining!

Chendol Cream ($7)
Signature coconut custard, gula melaka sauce with pandan jelly

I did not get to try this.

Banana Caramel Pudding ($9)
Steamed banana cake, caramelized banana, ginger crumble with gula melaka ice cream

An overload of bananas in this dessert, the banana cake was sweet and gula Melaka icecream too sweet, making this characteristically all too sweet.

It was a pleasant visit though portions were leaning on the tiny side yet they were well flavoured and executed.

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