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NUVO @ Marina Square

Special thanks to Alicia for the invite!

NUVO is amongst the latest to join Dining Edition at Marina Square's new dining wing and helming the kitchen is Chef Mark Richards, formerly from Keystone restaurant

A very intriguing design for a cashier.

Logos all over.

Freshly baked parmesan sticks with nori butter, lovely pillowy bites.

Stopping at one is always such a dampener.

Focaccia Curry Pan ($22)

Wagyu, Japanese picked cucumber, Sour Cream

Wagyu may not have been the best choice for this deep fried bun - there are equivalents sold at bakeries and I usually cave into these indulgent delights.

Warm Japanese Mushroom Salad ($18)

Baby spinach with pine nuts, asparagus and two types of Japanese mushrooms

Japanese mushrooms, pinenuts and baby spinach seem to be the best salad combination - tasty and refreshing on the palette!

Lobster Risotto ($25/$33)

Lobster bisque with Edamame and Ito Togarashi

This comes in two portions - single and large. We were served tasting portions good enough to whet our appetites. Creamy risotto with grains cooked adequately for a chewy bite - the lobster slivers and full bodied gravy made this the night's best.

Squid Ink Gnocchi ($30)

Cioppino with snapper and kani miso

Squid ink pasta seems to be the buzzword on the menus thesedays, and executing a gorgeous number is always a challenge. The tempura prawns and snapper were rather ordinary.

Baked Olive Black Cod ($35)

Pepperoni with hon shimeiji and baby potatoes

Drizzled with espresso infused black bean sauce, the cod's flavour was upped a couple of notches.

Kurobuto Pork Belly ($32)

Kakuni style pork belly with seaweed fried and karashi aoli

Tasting better than it looks!

Green tea pan di spagna ($12)

Banana jam with matcha sponge cake and Hello Panda crumble

I may have gawked at their matcha cocktail but the matcha sponge was spot on with the right density and flavour.

Wild Honey Panna Cotta ($16)
Dehydrated lychee, fig and mikan 

Created like a soy pudding, the panna cotta dissolved into liquid rather quickly. Adored the creative touches of dehydrated lychee and mikan!

Tasting portions of the cocktails were served. This is Elderflower bomb, a really fragrant numer that is so easy to love.

In its full glory.

Uber cute yakult packaging for Nuvo Sake, slightly more punch with this one.

Putting matcha into a cocktail has to be one risky decision - love it or hate it when it comes to this decadently rich number.

Looking pretty and macho all at once.

Cocktail names are temporarily as above but do drop by to check these lovely creations out! Great pairings with the dishes shared in this entry. I hear about their set lunches being an affordable $18++ until further notice so make haste!

Marina Square

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  1. The set lunches are $13++ until end of Feb. Had it twice =)