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Anthesis @ Robertson Blue

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Anthesis belongs to a growing number of cafes that make gourmet bread. While the intention was to check out brunch first, I ended up heading there for dessert.

I could get lost in this flour wonderland if left unattended for long. Starring at its countless varieties was akin to placing a kid in candy land.

Shelves of bread welcome me at the counter.

The rest of their fresh bakes that I wish I had stomach space for. The worst scenario a foodie can be faced with is a lack of appetite or stomach space.

A clipboard menu that has been flipped to death - looks like there is another brunch option available. 

These crystal prawns had an artificial crunch to it despite being well marinated.

Passionfruit Yuzu Tart ($6.50)

Passionfruit and yuzu did not seem so complementary till this tart which would suit anyone with a sweet tooth. While most yuzu tarts pack a sour punch, its tartness is neutralised with a pleasant passionfruit.

 Loved the flavour, on the fence about the crumbly tart base.

Seasalt Chocolate Tart ($6.50)

Apart from the seasalt crystals sprinkled on top, this was pretty much a chocolate tart with caramel filling and seasalt.

The sticky caramel that flowed out made sweet sweeter.

Decent coffee to end. 

Passionfruit Yuzu probably made this visit worthwhile.

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