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Taratata Bistrot Revisited @ Keong Siak Street


Feeling all christmasy already!

xmas tree

The lights, greens and ornaments...


The first basket was complimentary and the subsequent ones chargeable at $2 each. I thought they could have informed that it was not refillable though. Nonetheless, really good chewy bread with a lovely crunch and crustiness.

crab salad

A repeat of their stunning crab salad - abundance of fresh crabmeat chunks rolled in mayo.

lobster bisque

Lobster Bisque ($17)

Lobster bisque however was lacking in some oomph.


Salad of Duck Gizzard and Baked Eggs with Foie Gras ($22)

Gizzard salad served in two pots - one with the greens and another with poached eggs and bread croutons. No other way to have this delicious number which tasted good on its own and together.

cheese for two

Chefs Platter For Two ($48)
Cheese Fondue, Baked Potatoes, Charcuteries, Salad

Platter meant for two and fed us all so well, we were nearly quite full even before the mains started. Loved the pungent thick sticky cheese that became a delicious blanket over anything we dipped into. Special mention goes to the duck pate - uber buttery and meaty!


Crusty bread that tastes so good just like that!


Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms ($8)

Earthy mushrooms to start the meal with!


Grilled Sirloin Steak with Forest Mushroom Sauce ($38)

Juicy goodness in the steak option though this may not be the most ideal place to have steak.

duck confit

Crispy Oven Baked Pork Trotter with Mushroom Fricassees ($30)

Portions were most disappointing for this dish when we all expected it to look like duck confit. Instead we had mash potato with pulled pork and while flavour was spot on, we were left wishing for more of the real thing.


Seabaked Scallops with Morney Sauce and Mushrooms ($35)

The shells must have set the stage for wow - a well creamed sauce of mushrooms and fresh scallop to match. The sauce was a tad overkill though.


Steamed Mussels with White Wine Sauce and Served with French Fries ($34)

As Belgian as this ought to be, the French did a decent mussels and frites item. Infact, the wine was used so generously, it was a pampered meal. Juicy shellfish soaking in a broth so rich, the fries were all dunked in.


Profiteroles ($15)

On the server's recommendation, chocolate profiteroles it was! Light choux puffs sandwiching a scoop of vanilla icecream - I was not crazy about the icecream.

apple pie

Landaise Apple Pie ($15)

An apple tart with a filo pastry and icecream - my heart goes to the flaky pastry, the chefs captured it in such beauty that I was just sold.

Once again a really hearty meal at Taratata Bistrot. Service was warm and most importantly attentive and food consistently good.

Taratata Bistrot
35A Keong Siak Street

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