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Ramen Kagetsu Arashi @ The Cathay

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Special thanks to Suki Group for the invite!


Ramen Kagetsu is the largest ramen  chain  in  Japan,  they started  their  first  restaurant  in  Tokyo back  in  1992,  and  has  since  expanded  to  more  than  290  outlets  worldwide. With the opening of the outlet at The Cathay, they now have 4 outlets in Singapore.


The tray of condiments that becomes almost a necessity at every Japanese restaurant.

The 4 main Add-Ons are:
-  Fresh garlic cloves using garlic press.
-  Daily prepared special in-house seasoned chives
-  Specially imported Black Pepper
-  Special soy-sauce made from Kagetsu’s secret recipe; passed down from generations


Fresh garlic to press!


Their signature gyoza served up.


Fried wantons, these tasted like with a charred exterior.


Ginjiro Ramen ($12.90)

Ramen lovers can also now enjoy Kagetsu’s latest creation the Ginjiro ramen; created  using soup broth
made  from  the  best  flavours  of  seafood  and  pork  bones.  With  the  freshness  of  dried  bonito  and
sweetness from the pork bones,  Ginjiro Ramen has captured the hearts of many Singaporeans since its
introduction in October 2013.


The real use for the garlic.


This Kagetsu original is rich in collagen and while they deem it a must try, I thought otherwise.Broth was admittedly thick and rich but the flavour was lacking somewhat. Noodles were average too.


Arashi Genkotsu Sio Ramen ($12.90)

Kagetsu uses natural sea salt - known for its many beneficial qualities, it is richer thus providing a more
refined  flavour  as  compared  to  processed  salt  -  to  accentuate  flavours  of  the  milky  white  broth. 


This was alot milder than the Ginjiro Ramen, especially so with the milky broth.


Teppan Itameshi ($12.90)

Large posters of this hotplate dish tempted us so, we had them in both flavours - shoyu butter and miso butter.


First up, a drizzle of housemade sauce.


Toss it all up, as you would to your Pepper Lunch set.


The interesting thing about their hotplate rice is, I thankfully do not get a free facial from the steam


Here's the Japanese guy who was dedicated to stirring the rice and ensuring it is well stirred.


The final product.


It was a revelation to find a good rice dish at an acclaimed ramen place. I prefer the miso flavour better.

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi
The Cathay

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