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Marks and Spencers: Shortbread Cookies through the seasons

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It was by a stoke of luck that I won a cookie tin! Not just any cookie tin but one that commemorated Prince George's birth. By far, the most important birth for 2013 at least.

To be truthful, I gushed about Prince William before. Note the past tense.
His mother was a fashionista in her time but the only thing I paid attention to was her funeral and Candle In The Wind.
His break up with Kate Middleton had to be the talk of the tabloids - yes, MPH is awesome because their mags are not sealed.
I was glued to my phone for live whatsapp updates when he married Kate Middleton just to oogle at the much talked about secret gown.

So then, his much celebrated birth that North West's limelight was dimmed several notches. Marks and Spencer's then ran a contest for a cookie tin giveaway.

prince george

For readers, I wrote about their shortbread cookies before and said it was a winner. Once again a winner with the well balanced butter, sugar and flour! I never quite got over the design of the cookie that was used for the Queen's Jubilee and now the birth.

I reckon there is a Christmas Edition for these cookies so then - shop away!

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