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CBD Trail: Bread, the new rice

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This trail was done quite awhile back so apologies if the information is not up to date!

Sandwiches are my favourite kind of food - easy to eat and tons of variety. Sandwich like salad joints are a dime too many in Raffles Place.

Most of the food here is served chilled, unless you want the desired item is out of stock. The variety of lunch feeds comprises of the usual - salad, wraps and sandwiches.

The Sandwich Shop, Chevron House

the sandwich shop

Grab one off the chiller and it's chomp time!

Headed for salmon with wasabi wrap ($8), as Japanese as it was a replacement of rice with a seemingly calorie-friendly wrap.

sashimi wrap

Under the blanket of carbs.

wrap bitten

A heap of crunchy salad on top of the salmon. The carnivore in me always seeks a balanced proportion of vegetables and meat yet this was quite refreshing given the imbalance. Liked the punch wasabi gave, an alternative to sushi I say and a pretty good one too.


Even the packaging sells, to me.

smoked salmon egg mayo

Joe and Dough, Chevron House

joe and dough

Located just doors away, Joe and Dough specializes in specialty sandwiches - ciabatta bread with a plethora of fillings, pastries and dessert!

ham and cheese

Joe and Dough Ham and Cheese Croissant ($3.80) I had it reheated and blimey! Absolutely gratifying. I cannot reiterate how simple food like clean cut designs for clothes work so well.

ham and cheese croissant bitten

No kraft cheese, no supermart ham. Ethmental cheese that gave it a lovely creamy finish and honey baked ham...oh yes, crispy buttery croissant. Where's my cake to complete this? I so love take-aways.

Headed back for Reuben sandwich ($9.50) which got me sold on the name first. Saukeraut, corned beef and ethmental cheese played second fiddle to the crusty doughy chewy walnut bread. Eaten on its own, it can! Gourmet sandwich this is once again with gourmet ingredients to match.

The kind barista served me a glass of iced water half way into the meal - not a fan of coffee or tea or sparkling water. Two thumbs up for thoughtful service.

The Gourmet Bakery, Republic Plaza

This bakery hidden in a corner is so easy to miss. For convenience's sake, I picked it because Smoke Shack ran out of sandwiches ready to go and Juiced and Subway had snacking queues.

tuna multigrain

Grabbed the Country Multigrain with Tuna ($4.80). I have always had a penchant for cold sandwiches and The Gourmet Bakery serves them chilled. The multigrain bread was incredible - crusty throughout, loved the sounds whenever I bit into it with grains messing up my table. A dash of vinegar was probably mixed in, hence the sour taste but nonetheless, one really hearty meal. I hear their pizzas are great too!



They term themselves “best coffee on the bridge!” and being one that stands out for its friendly owners and coffee, it is really not that difficult sniffing them out, pun intended.

jars of

Overheard at the cafe, its “hole in wall concept” is particularly enticing. Yet what really enticed me was their nude carrot cake which was nowhere to be found on more than one occasion.


Headed for their B.E.L.T. Sandwich that I thought was a genuine spelling mistake but this was their interpretation of BLT. Toasted Turkish Pita bread with lettuce, tomato and bacon. Nothing fanciful yet hearty I must admit. There seemed to be more bread than meat at most part but it was simply sitting over the counter, soaking in the afternoon’s buzz, watching the rain wash the glass panels and getting immersed in their friendly pinoy culture – whoever hears a friendly shout out of “hello!” or “lunch?” in most cafes in CBD? Yes, I am sold and I certainly wish their food menu would expand a weebit more than ham and cheese or B.E.L.T. for lunch.

For the most part, most if not all were there for their coffee which they pride greatly.


Huggs, 8 Shenton Way, B1-05 (former Temasek Tower)
Ham and Cheese Wrap, ($4.50)


This small cafe has been around for quite a while and it joins the stable of coffee-sandwich-wrap joints in CBD. Ham and Cheese Wrap was first microwaved and baked for a toasty finish. The wrap itself was chewy, bland and sticky on the teeth.

melted cheese

Fillings of ham and cheese, no matter how friendly it sounded was melted cheese with ham so unpalatable, I had difficulties finishing the wrap. Not the best of all wraps, almost the worst.


Smoke Shack Delicassen, Republic Plaza (They have now relocated to Far East Square)

I’ve passed Smoke Shack one time too many to be tempted, being Timeout’s 2011 Winner of Cheap Eats, it does explain the burgeoning lunch crowds.


Handwritten number plate spells of casual for this deli.


The Montevideo (Chivitos) ($11.90)                           
Foccacia, Tomato, Lettuce, Steak, Ham, Bacon, Olives, Pickles, Roasted Peppers, Mozzarella

I left it to the chef to decide I had for lunch and tadah – Montevideo it was! Two halves served in a basket, I stole a peek of the ingredients and grinned like a Cheshire cat. I love my sandwiches brimming with ingredients – meat versus vegetable quotient was well balanced. I always envy Adam Richman for his food conquests – portions, mess and deliciosity. As much as Carl’s Junior fulfils the standard for messy junk food, here comes Smoke Shack with half the sin and double the joy.

montevideo halved

Gratifying much – the bread could do with a bit more bite but by and large, hearty American fare. I’m raving mad lovin’ it! Plans to wolf down all their varieties of sandwiches remains a lovely challenge to undertake.


Perx points is such a great tease too!


Marina Bay Link Mall

smoked salmon spinach wrap

Luckier on the second visit – at least there were seats this time round! Ordered and paid for Crayfish and Seaweed Wrap ($9) but was replaced with Philly Salmon ($8.80) instead. Spinach wrap made this greener than expected and came with a side of chips. While the salmon was not smoked, the mustard paired with it was tangy and titillating on the taste buds. For once, lettuce was not such a great annoyance – for the crunch it provided.

The rest of the menu does look appetizing – rosti, pancakes and bagels even! Their salads seem not to outshine the rest.
I hope the above does provide some respite from cai png and salads. 

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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