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Naughty Nuri's Warung Revisited @ Ubud, Bali

Best pork ribs made me return just for it, with folks who have travelled to the US of A for the best as well. Crowded as ever even at 11 ish am, before the official lunch hour. I suppose the ones who show the most support are tourists.


Filled with smoke, the place could pass off as a hazy one with all the grilling and direction that the fumes are blown. I wonder if the grill ever goes to rest throughout the day, or ever gets cleaned.


Obsessed with watching ribs getting grilled.

eat pray love

Having read the book and 10 minutes of the movie, I suppose its got its minutes of fame then!


Spareribs (IDR 90,000)

These smoke grilled ribs were still delicious and smokey but standard seemed to have dipped since the last momentous meal.


Lemon makes good of any grilled food but the ribs were truly much better before. 

vegetarian curry

Vegetarian Curry (IDR 30,00)

Nothing but a soup bowl of vegetables.

garlic bread

Garlic Bread (IDR 25,000)

Garlic bread gone simple - diced garlic on buttered bread. I missed the Pizzahut version though.


BBQ Chicken (IDR 30,000)

Nothing special grilled chicken.


Chicken Soup (IDR 25,000)

Surprise, surprise! This hearty number would fit "Chicken Soup for the Soul" to a T. Loved the meaty slices soaking in the broth.


Burger (IDR 55,000)

Big and tall would quantify this but that was really just about it. Patty was grilled to a nice doneness but that was it, barely the best burger as the ribs are best.


Crumbly and somewhat dry. 


Chips (IDR 20,000)

Thick cut chips to complete this grilled meal, perhaps mayo would have made this perfect.


Vanilla Milkshake (IDR 25,000)

A tragic letdown with a condensed milkshake, terribly sweet and hardly creamy.


Draft Beer (IDR 25,000) 

Beer in Bali always completes the meal, in this case, providing much satisfaction. 

Second time round, it was less satisfying and fell short of expectations somewhat. Worth the while just for the ribs.

Naughty Nuri's

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  1. naughty nuri's does ze best ribs ever. you're not the first to comment that the quality has gone down. am now curious to see if it's really true. such a waste then.

  2. @Bern: yes they used to...and I am disappointed that the standard has dropped. What a great pity.