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Addictions Cafe and Remedy Bar @ Marina Square

Addictions Cafe opened another outlet in the city, a much more accessible option to its flagship at Dempsey. Brunch it was - no reservations required and we found a table so easily.


The seemingly empty cafe. 


The bar counter that got me quite intrigued. 


Rows of dessert in glass covers to tempt.


A friendly note for the meal.


Drink at your own risk - sparkling water for the unaware. Comes at a friendly tune of $10 if memory serves me well. 


Truffle fries with parmesan cheese shavings ($10)

I smelt it from afar and thought it was a good start. Normal oily fries peppered with herbs and the truffle fragrance was long lost before it arrived at the table.

earl grey benedict

Earl grey salmon benedict with sauteed mushroom and citrus hollandaise ($16)

Eggs benny are my weakness and they arrived looking so fine and dandy, even the first taste of hollandaise was decent but the first cut is hardly deceiving. There was a gush of clear liquid flowing from the egg and then there was more. I wondered if the egg was even cooked, yet with the runnyness of the yolk I really wondered where the liquid came from.

Bland, rancid and somewhat queer, we had it sent back to the kitchen and never returned.


Tortilla wrapped Italian sausage, onion, mushroom and scrambled egg with chilli tomato relish ($15)

Ordinary at best with both the italian sausage and scrambled eggs getting lost in bland. If anything the spinach salad with sesame dressing was delicious.

sticky date

Sticky date pudding with butter caramel sauce and vanilla icecream ($12)

This was the replacement for the eggs benny, coarse at edges and fluffy in the middle. The basic expected would have been vanilla bean icecream so then, it was an epic failure for a decent sticky date dessert.

drink menu

A toast to a good drink, hopefully. 


The drinks menu that deserves some mention - presentation was different from the usual!


Pricky Pineapple ($10)
Pineapple, orange, grapes, strawberries

If anything good came out of my visit to Addictions, it had to be their juices. A tropical concoction of something sunny enough for the season, very fruity and refreshing too.


The irony of one of the wall posters.

 I would not recommend this place for food, drinks and good service actually. The service is apologetically impeccable and warm, I feel bad almost returning the eggs benedict.

Addictions Cafe and Remedy Bar
Marina Square

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