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Zaffron @ East Coast Road

zaffron kitchen

I never quite got the intrusion of Indian cuisine into the Eastern part of Singapore. Until Zaffron opened and stayed open for too long for the interest to be so piqued that I caved in. There had to be something good going on for the open concept kitchen and the men flipping pratas.

open concept

Note that with their new policy, they only serve paratha, naans, thosais and the rest of the doughy goodies on Fridays and weekends.


I adore the colours used in the restaurant, lots of woods and bricks!


Their wall of fame and what I would consider a private dining area meant for groups of eight and above.


Playarea for kids on weekends.

popcorn machine

Popcorn anyone?


Ready for a spice infused meal!


Brilliant play on words. There were other playful messages like Devil Wears Curry on the aprons of the waiters - loving such fun!


Cheese Naan ($5.50)

Gleeful table of carbs.


 Aloo Paratha ($5)
Wholewheat flatbread stuffed with spiced potatoes and cooked over flat grill

Nested dainty in the metal can. 


I get head over heels with naan anything and in this case, cheese. I loved how chewy this is, it would give prata a run for its money. Perfect with curries since both are complementary.


More limp than the naan which I attribute to the potatoes, this can get soggy if not eaten quick. I love the bold flavour of this herb infused delight yet eaten with curry could end up overshadowed. Paratha, unlike prata, is less chewy and doughy.


Samosas ($6.50)

Who would expect samosas to be 3D rather than the usual 2D. 


Sliced open to reveal colourful gems of yellow and green. It was like a vegetarian curry puff, only more satisfying.

butter chicken

Butter chicken ($16) is one of my favourite curry dishes - hardly spicy but the usage of butter makes this creamy one so delicious. Tender chunks dunked in gravy good enough to drink, I was happy mopping up every ounce.

A really hearty meal at Zaffron and though I was looking for a spicy meal, this still proved that there is heaps more to Indian cuisine than that.

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