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Red House @ Prinsep Street

Special thanks to Stefanie and Cheryl for the invite, and the hospitable team at Red House for the wonderful evening!


Think Red House and memories go back in time to childhood birthdays celebrated at its flagship store along East Coast Parkway.

red house

Red House Seafood has been around for the last 37 years has opened its third outlet at 68 Prinsep Street, a stone's throwaway from Singapore's art enclave. Prinsep Street was fundamental in my growing up years - from the first board games played at Minds Cafe to making Giuseppe the favourite Italian restaurant around and then, queueing an hour for pancakes. For sure, the area attracts a mishmesh of diners but there is a place for everyone.


If anything, their three outlets aim to cater to various groups - families, expats and lastly, yuppies.


Presenting the new Red House, rebranded and more polished.


Ample dining space. 


Trio combination of Chef's Signature Squid ($58, Large)
BBQ, Golden Calamari, Crispy

A delectable showcase of octopus done three ways - it just got better with each way of cooking. Deepfried baby squids crunchy and sweet, salted egg yolk was decadence in every molten dripping bite and lastly, barbecued with such tenderness, it was a complex experience. Tenderness gives way to explosion of creaminess in every bite and truly, one seafood delight. 


Main star!


Prawns in a delicious Signature Creamy Custard Sauce ($7 per 100g)

This reminded me of pumpkin sauce somehow, a sweet based prawn dish that would go very well with a bowl of rice. 


Spicy Seafood Combination ($56, Large)

Scallops, prawns, fish and squid in a spicy and absolutely addictive Thai-inspired curry that makes it so difficult to stop at one helping. I consider this a seafood curry hotpot - seconds anytime! 


Finger licking goooooood!

chilli crab

Crab in Red House Chilli Stew

Chilli crabs are a dime too many these days with nearly every seafood house offering this. Red House prides itself for a tangier and sweeter version of this local favourite with the generous usage of tomatoes.  

chilli crab

Drenched in chilli stew, finger licking yummy. 

black pepper

Wok-Fried Crab Tossed in Black Pepper, with a choice of Sri Lankan Mud Crab, Scottish Brown Crab or Alaskan King Crab

Black pepper base makes this slightly drier to taste but no less decadent than the chilli crab buddy. Served with fried mantou, sin at its ultimate. 

Their crabs are seasonal in price, current rates are at $55/kg. Personally I favour chilli crab over black pepper for the slurpilicious gravy that gets mopped up with their steamed buns. Loved the succulent crab meat that tasted good with the flavourful gravy or black pepper. 

kang kong

Sambal Kang Kong ($24, Large)

Greens to meet the daily intake.

mee goreng

Red House Mee Goreng ($24, Large) 

Arguably the best we have to offer on our island - noodles al dente with a decent bite and kept springy still. Loved the spicy kick which made this mamma mia kind of good. Strange that most seafood places would offer this but who cares when it tastes so good!  

mango sago

Chilled Mango Pomelo with Sago ($4.80)

Hitting the sour notes perfectly, this refreshing number is great for an aftermeal dessert, especially when dinner was so sumpteous!


Red House also sports a second level for dining and private events. There is an open air balcony for pre event drinks too - that's a seafood house going modern!  

They offer local food more suited for the tourist palette with several dishes toned down in terms of flavour but nonetheless, a place to consider for hearty seafood. Worth a return to check out their Scottish Brown crabs - a completely new breed to me. 

Red House
68/70 Prinsep Street 

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