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Another that supports more than one cause, profitable or not. When it was launched, I was already keen on visiting - a supermarket experience different from NTUC and Cold Storage would be nice! Fact is, grocery shopping is highly possible...for a select items. It felt like shopping in a make believe grocery store - one of my childhood dreams where vegetables were in crates and condiments on square shelves.


Shop away!

buy me!

Buy me?


Tempting promotions.


Ordering is easy peasy over the counter and just wait to be served. They return every now and then to check on us - I actually found that non-intrusive.


Looking like an IKEA showroom.

onion rings

Homemade Batter Onion Rings, Sour cream and dip ($6)

Forgive the grease and indulge in the deliciously battered onion rings. Oh yes, move over sour cream pringles, the dip's equally delish.  


Iced Lemonade ($4)

Artichoke's high on the radar for best lemonade and this would pass off as lemon water at best.  


Grilled Seafood and Bacon Risotto with Squid Ink and Garlic Cream ($26)
Arborio rice, grilled prawns, squid, fresh bacon strips, squid ink, garlic cream

One that failed at first glance but redeemed at first bite. Risotto usually gets executed wrongly, resulting in a sorriest porridge equivalent for worse and something better than baby food for better. Squid ink risotto with friends of the sea scattered, flavours are spot on and well, so delicious...we had seconds. They could do a squid ink pasta and I could love it all the same.


Grilled Brioche Angus Beef Burger ($24) 200g house made angus beef patty, bacon, pan-fried egg, tomato, lettuce, button mushrooms, emmental cheese and bbq sauce served with shoestring fries

I suppose I can officially declare myself a non-fan of brioche. Soggy with the pile of ingredients and too soft to make an impression. The patty was a bit too mush and lacking in meaty bite. BBQ sauce somehow made this sweeter than desired. Shoestring fries peppered with paprika were a tad salty as well. This is not the best thing to try, truthfully.


Buns off!


Hi there, beefcake!

eggs benny

Eggs Benedict ($14)
Two poached eggs, honey baked ham, hollandaise sauce, lightly buttered crumpets

Crumpets is the way to go for Eggs Benedict, these taste just like McMuffins actually. A well executed brunch item that had us all wowed.  


The eggs that needed much prodding. 

Smoked Salmon    4
Mushrooms    3 

Sides of this made the meal more brunch than dinner.  


Dessert time! 

azuki bean 

Azuki Vanilla Chiffon cake ($6)

They only have daily dessert specials and while the rest like tea loaves and croissants remain constant, the cake-tart offerings differ. With just two slices remaining over the counter, we had to have it. I have to be shameless and say Bengawan Solo's Pandan Chiffon is the yardstick for Chiffon cake. Bouncy with pocketfuls of air, light as a feather but fragrant like a cake perfumed with Chanel No. 5. I fell in love with the azuki bean frosting first, and then the light cake that was more than just delicious. 

chocolate tart

Orange Chocolate Tart  ($9)

This could have sparked off my pimple rage thereafter, a bittersweet concoction of tart and mousse.  

The waitresses are really nice, who would bother to poke her head out for a "thank you for visiting" when we were clearly the ones hogging their closing time?

Menu changes daily and I wish to be back all days of the week to try the rest!

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  1. yay! I like Spr mrkt too! My review will be coming out soon too.

  2. @rubbisheatrubbishgrow: :) looking forward to reading it!!