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Irodori Revisited @ Riverview Hotel

Irodori always ends up as a chosen Japanese buffet place after all these years because the standard has retained some form of consistency and the price is right. I love the vouchers they issue post buffet - 4 for three!

As usual, it was packed like crazy.  The menu has remained the same through the years hence the usual orders without much consideration.

green tea tofu

Green tea tofu that gets placed even before I arrive. The green tea taste usually alludes me and this is just tofu.


Only one order of the grilled prawn topped with roe and cream allowed. I always wish for more.


Sashimi Moraiwaise that every table has to order to get their fill of raw fish. I suppose we caught the chef at a right time, the fish was sliced properly and in even thickness. The variety was adequate as well, salmon, tuna, yellowfin, swordfish and octopus! My main grouse is a lack of space for seconds.

irodori roll

Irodori roll which is one up from california roll. Ignore the fiery red shade attributed to the generous portions of roe, the rest goes to cucumber, lobster salad and seaweed. Apart from the rice being too soft, the flavour was spot on!

garlic fried rice

Garlic fried rice that fits the Singaporean-Cantonese palette to a T. Enough wok hei and flavour, we actually had thirds for this!

cha soba

Cha Soba with cut noodles, nothing too memorable about this cold dish.


Fried udon which seemed haphazardly tossed together.


Ramen with noodles soaking for too long, meh!


Chawanmushi that the rest savoured.


Meh-dinary gyoza. These were more like fried wanton.


My favourite!

chicken cutlet

These breaded chicken cutlets were great with mayo dips.

fried ebi

Overfried breaded prawns.

prawn tempura

They fared better with the crisp ebi tempura.


Ginger pork belly, perfect zichar calibre.


Teriyaki chicken bites that were diced too small, otherwise quite tasty.

chicken wing

Grilled mid wing always a must order, well grilled and meaty!


Grilled salmon, another for the kill! Love the fatty bits!


Beef with enoki mushrooms, adored the juicy bite.


Salad rather ordinary.


All the greens for nibbling.

sweet potato

Sweet potato tempura, light and sweet!


Stir fried brinjal that surprised us all, sweet and quite like melon. A great appetizer!


Breaded pumpkin croquettes, a surprise order that was a popular choice for the table. I loved the mashed pumpkin rubbed with spice.


Stir fried vegetables for the kick of it. Nothing special.


Grilled mushrooms, smokey love!

At $35++ per head and decent service, this is still a deal. At least orders do not get forgotten. Book early to avoid disappointment!

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