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Curry Times by Old Chang Kee @ Alexandra Retail Center

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self help kiosk

Curry Times by Old Chang Kee appeals to the nostalgic side. This works for those on the go without any interaction with the people behind the counter - are we bringing up an antisocial future generation where interaction is done mainly with machines. Swipe the nets card and I'm ready to eat.


Collect your order when your number blinks. 


Nostalgia overload.


Complimentary cookies with every purchase, I had a field day nibbling at their biscuit gems. Grandma's sugar cookies however had a more savoury take. The joke is having to pay for these at Wang Cafe, located next door!

curry chicken

Curry Chicken Loaf ($9.90)

The portions are decent for a hearty lunch except it was not served piping hot. Bread loaf was tasteless on its own, I would have preferred a baguette option. While I was hoping for a delicious spicy curry, this lacked the fragrance and coconut milk to render this worth the sin which is supposedly signature. I actually wonder why their puffs are so much better when they use the same ingredients?

Grass Jelly Drink

Toothachingly sweet!

coconut bun

Coconut Bun ($1.60)

There are two types of buns on sale and the other was curry bun. This is the kopitiam sort stuffed with coconut. Nothing too fanciful, just decent.

I love the concept but it fell short at execution. Perhaps they should stick with their signature curry puffs.

Curry Times by Old Chang Kee
Alexandra Retail Center, Level 2

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