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Boon Tong Kee @ East Coast Road

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boon tong kee

The chicken rice war in Singapore is a long drawn battle and I suppose it will continue to flame on till the end of time. A chicken rice trail perhaps someday but let me review Boon Tong Kee's dishes first.


Signature Boiled Chicken ($9)

Meant for two, tender and succulent meat. For me, a good chicken rice is largely attributed to the chilli paste and rice rather than chicken. For BTK, all three are actually really decent.


Doubles please!

pork ribs

Sesame Pork Ribs ($10)

The usual zichar fanfare without any surprise.


Crispy Beancurd ($6)

Beancurd cubes coated with batter, deepfried and served with mayo. Somehow the mayo made it less appetizing as opposed to a Thai Chilli Sauce.

beancurd roll

Deepfried Handmade Prawn Rolls ($8)

My favourite of the lot with chuckfuls of prawns! Pity this took quite forever to come.


Lemon juice to wash all the grease down, slurp!

The food is well...zichar cuisine with affordable prices. Hardly a place that I would consider as top of mind recall for zichar food since it is a chicken rice place.

Boon Tong Kee
East Coast Road

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