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Tian Wai Tian Steamboat Restaurant @ Ang Mo Kio

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kebun bahru

Kebun Bahru...what? That was the initial reaction when the parents caught on the hawker-coffeeshop bug and wanted to bring us to an eatery that they stumbled upon. Located near Kebun Bahru Market, the main hawker center is hardly opened to cater to the dinner crowd.

coffee shop

Not too far off is Kim San Leng filled with diners. Most of them were there for just one stall - Tian Wai Tian. One that had a queue just to order of at least 10 and tables mostly filled with their customers.


Every table just a set of condiments.


Cereal Prawns ($20)

This is a kopitiam style all day brunch item, I loved the cereal flakes that were sweet and flaky. These prawns were fried to such crisp that devouring whole was a delicious option.

pig trotter

Braised Pig Trotter ($18)

The B.O.M.B. Collagen alert with the thick rolls of fat and skin hugging onto a chunky pig trotter. Firm bites of porky delight here, I love how this was hardly cloying and well braised.

kang kong

Sambal Kang Kong ($12)

Just the right amount of sambal for a runny nose.

oyster egg

Fried Oyster Egg ($13)

Without the gummy bits, this is actually pretty satisfying. The fried egg was cooked so light, exactly the same as those tossed into fish soups. Did I mention the oysters are fresh too?


Prawn Rolls ($12)

Dipped in sticky sweet sauce, these meat rolls were yummy. Be mindful of your lips when stuffing them down, we risked a sorethroat eating them piping hot!


Garoupa Steamboat ($32)

garoupa hotpot 

No fan of fish but a fan of steamboats, this is a garoupa hot pot with all the hearty ingredients tossed in. Doubles up as a soup dish too. Soup refills are complimentary! Definitely a must order.

No wonder the crowds snake around this coffee shop. Very affordable fare are decent prices. Let's see how long this remains a secret, or may it isn't one anymore!

Tian Wai Tian Steamboat Restaurant
418 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2

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