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Room Cafe @ The Arc

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Room with a view rings a bell? It has relocated to The ARC at Pasir Panjang. I actually did not make the immediate correlation till much later though I found their desserts familiar looking - it's a "same same but different" mentality. One look can tell a Cedele carrot cake from Room's.

room cafe

A takeaway box that has a reminder of how eating their cakes would have no regrets - and we shall see on that.

carrot cake

Signature Room Carrot Cake ($6)

At its Carpenter Street outlet, I traipsed down for this before. I described it as lacking in sin before. This time round, they have revised portions a fair bit - instead of loaf cake, it comes in a round cake. Frosting is still as sweet and encrusted with a generous scattering of walnuts and dried apricots. Yet that being said, the cake proper was disappointing. A tad too oily infact, oil was seeping from the cake into the box and subsequently onto the plate. Strange then that it tasted crumbly and dry despite the oil.

red velvet

Red Velvet Cake ($6.50)

The same dry and crumbly texture was replicated in this other hot favourite. A very light cocoa-flavoured cake dyed red with cream cheese frosting. 

I had a chicken sandwich that had an odd taste in the bread and the companion could barely finish the pasta, as much as this place is usually packed during lunch.With desserts this disappointing, I am not too sure of a revisit.

Room Cafe
The Arc

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